GACKT and Fumi Nikaido, who are appearing in the movie “Fly to Saitama ~From Lake Biwa with Love~”, will appear in the January issue of the magazine “Soen” (published by the Bunka Bureau), which will be released on the 28th.

The 2019 live-action movie based on the manga by Mineo Maya, “Fly to Saitama,” which attracted a lot of attention for its “loving Saitama diss” and the creation of a worldview unique to the live-action movie, will be released this fall. GACKT & Nikaido, who brilliantly translated the aesthetic world of the original into live-action, and character designer Isao Tsuge have reunited.

The three artists, who have a variety of channels of expression, will talk about their thoughts on the work and their own creations. Isao Tsuge’s explanation of the little-known costumes is also a must-read.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA