GACKT x Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra 2014



*Information for guests attending GACKT X Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra [an evening of classical splendour]*

<Dress Code>
There are no special requirements for the dress code but it is recommended for guests to come in tuxedos or dresses to look more appropriate.
To enhance the experience of enjoying the splendid atmosphere, please come dressed in clothes that exude elegance.
Clothes made with materials that produce sound easily, or accessories that make sound easily, will be a nuisance to other guests so please do take note.
There is also a cloakroom available for use.
Ladies: cocktail dresses or one-piece clothes that are suitable for weddings.
Gents: suits, tuxedos, jacket
The venue has been designed and built with the purpose of enhancing sounds, even the smallest sounds.
Therefore, because entering the hall during a performance will be a nuisance to other guests, please refrain from doing so. If it is absolutely necessary that you exit or enter, please do it between songs.
If you arrived late for the performance, someone will guide you, so please heed their instructions.
To enjoy the day with grace, please come to the venue with time to spare.
Because the venue is built and designed to enhance sounds, please try not to make movements that produce noise.
While seated, it is recommended for you to not hold onto your handcarry.

Venue: Tokyo opera city
Nishi shinjuku 3-20-2, shinjuku 160-0023

Date: December 26th 2014 (Fri)


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Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team