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★ Report from the Secretary.

GACKT makes a surprise appearance at his first Graduation Ceremony Live in four years!

The Graduation Ceremony Live has been held by GACKT for many years since 2006, and this is the 14th time.
It has been GACKT’s lifework, but was cancelled in 2020 due to the Corona disaster.
In September 2021, GACKT was forced to suspend his activities due to an illness that struck him, and he even considered retirement.

Today, March 13, 2023, GACKT, who has recovered from his battle with the disease, appeared at the graduation ceremony of Kaminogawa Junior High School in Kaminogawa, Kawachi-gun, Tochigi Prefecture, and gave a surprise live performance to encourage the 125 third-year students on their new journey.

The principal, who is retiring this year after his final year of teaching, gave the graduating students one last gift: flowers.
He wanted to add flowers to the graduating students’ departure and make it something they would remember forever, so he sent a letter to GACKT, who was still fighting an illness, which moved GACKT.

GACKT finished singing his famous song “Like a Flower Blooming in the Field” with K’s piano and chorus at the ceremony, which was filled with surprise, and spoke powerfully to the students.

Dreams are not something to see.
Dreams are to be fulfilled
And to make dreams come true
It is to keep a strong will and never give up.
I have high expectations for your future.
Congratulations on your graduation!

This live graduation ceremony will be broadcast on the following program.
The content is subject to change without notice.

March 14 (Tuesday) 4:55-8:00 on TV Asahi’s “Good! Morning” on TV Asahi

March 14 (Tue.) 5:25-8:00 Fuji Television “Mezamashi TV

March 14 (Tue.) 5:20-8:00 TBS “THE TIME,” (Japanese only)

GACKT ONLINE The archive of the video streamed live on G&L MEMBERS CLUB will be available until the end of March!







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