GACKT Official Weibo update. Translation below:

I started with a healthy morning… or so I thought.

After finishing my daily training, I took a shower
and took a progress photo to send to our private training group as an update.

Well, the reason why I take photos of my bare body everyday is to report to that group.
It’s not because I like taking photos of my body.
Though people think that way…

Anyway, it’s been around 2 months since I picked up this habit of taking a photo whenever I’m naked.
Then I check how I’ve changed since the pictures from 2 months ago…
That’s the kind of mundane work I do every morning.

Then I pick out my outfit for the day, and check.
「I guess… I feel like wearing this today」

I asked Angie who was watching beside me, but she completely ignored me.

I called our Henmi to help set up the speakers that I bought yesterday.
After awhile, Henmi came into the room holding onto the speakers and suddenly apologised.

「Sorry for troubling you…」

I had no idea what was going on, so I asked “What do you mean?”

he replied 「I got named in an article…」

I hummed, and thought,
even president of the GACKT studio management company’s love problems can get turned into an article…

I replied

「So even you’ve become famous, ahahaha」

but he said 「No, GACKT-san’s name appeared on the front…」

and the silence lasted for awhile.

「… … Hey look〜, it’s happening again, this cycle!」

I said, and then I read the article.
Well, honestly there’s a ton I want to say but
anyhow, with regards to whatever they’ve written, this time it’s probably donation fraud
or some other lie that they’ve written as truth again.

Since when has Sentence Spring become such a kitschy magazine?

Well, whatever. They’re all the same.

Anyway, just let me say one thing.

「Clean up your own shit!!!
Don’t get me involved!」

That’s all.
I didn’t get into any dispute with the person I introduced.
I don’t know anything, but they happened to meet at a dinner party
they happened to fall in love,
they argued and fought on their own,
and they broke up on their own decision.

It was only during the end of last year when Henmi started with 「Actually〜…」 and told me about it.
In the beginning I couldn’t understand what he was talking about at all

and asked him

「Who are we talking about?」.
Then halfway,

「Eh〜〜〜〜, seriously?」

was what I exclaimed in surprise.

This goes a little further back but, this person hasn’t contacted me for a long while
when suddenly, about a year ago, she suddenly contacted me

and said

「I’m getting married soon so I’ll be doing my best!」

and to that I replied 「Make sure you do!」

and… that was all.

Well, it doesn’t matter who’s dating who but
at least clean your shit up yourself. Seriously.

「Actually, she and I,
we’re fighting and it’s a mess…」

he said. In reply to that,

「Henmi, can you handle this yourself?」

I asked, and he said

「Since this is a relationship problem between the both of us, I’ll see this to the end on my own!」

That reply convinced me that this would be so.
I’m not even their parent, so there’s absolutely no reason why I should step into their problems.

So, 2 weeks later, this is where we are.

All of you, I’ll say this loudly once more so listen carefully.


Even monkeys are capable of that!?

In addition, even though 「lover」 is written on it…

I’m… single…
Also, if you look closely, above lover they’ve added a tiny [元 (ex) ]above.

Uwaa〜, how malicious〜〜!!

Your relationship has nothing to do with me?
Have I ever done anything to you guys???

Pissing me off.

And lastly, I’m talking about serious stuff from here on
so keep this in mind.

What is it with ending your own life
just because your relationship doesn’t go well?
Everyone has had those kinds of bad experiences.
Life is filled with tons of things that don’t go your way.

In love.
In work.
Even in your relationships with your friends and family.

Ending this precious life of your’s just because of that
is so stupid that you really deserve a scolding!
If you’re a guy I would’ve sent you flying.

I already told Henmi, the involved party this time, that he has to properly discuss things with her.
I even reprimanded him, saying that if he hurt her in any way, he would have to apologise to her parents too!

The relationship between the two of them.
It’s not for me or the weekly magazines to interfere with.

Anyway, because of that, I was angry that I pinched him.

Ah, give us a break〜

I’m so extremely angry
that my face turned weird〜

Oh well, gonna eat.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA