Video of GACKT promoting the new collaboration with Le Blanc for a new cosmetics line

GACKT has given his all in producing the long-awaited skin care line DAILY BABY.
We haveheard about the untold development story from GACKT himself.

“Skin growing stronger everyday” is the concept.

Accurately analyzing the challenges that existing cosmetic products have,
GACKT asks “What about skin tolerance?”

Even if it becomes costly, “I want to deliver cosmetic products that are in demand in the world”
Please have a listen to Daily Baby producer, GACKT’s thoughts.

Daily Baby Official Site

★For buyers of the first edition★

◎A gift for all buyers of the first edition ※Items not for sale
・5 varieties of GACKT’s newly shot pictures (Total of 25 varieties)
・GACKT’s Beauty Book which is packed with his thoughts towards 「beauty」  with  Video message of support

◎Win a special moment spent with GACKT through a draw
・Special Privilege A 「A special overseas trip with GACKT」
・Special Privilege B 「A special teatime spent with GACKT」

Source: Le Blanc official youtube

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team
Translation © GACKT ITALIA