For the NicoRadio on 17 August (Mon)…
GACKT’s live appearance!!

It will be an appearance from overseas with GACKT-san and Yamada-san.
The assistants on site, 「Take」!! Furthermore,「Raddaa」will be appearing too!

Exactly what kind of conversations will come out!?
Considering they’re overseas too, we can’t really tell!

In addition, we would like to receive emails from our users for「Worries I want GACKT-san to solve」!

Please send your email through the「submission form」on this page!

Of course, at the Nico-bukuro Studio, assistant「Mirukiinu」and assistant「Seramikaru」will be here!
Maybe they will draw the portraits of our audiences…?

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Source: Nico Nico Live

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team