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The room was lit up by the sunlight flowing in through the open curtains.
A dazzling morning has arrived.


I landed in the airport fairly late
so I collapsed on the bed and fell asleep.

Indeed i’m not used to
4hour flight transits,
it’s the worst having to sit and wait in the lounge for long periods of time…

That’s really hell.

the wonderful morning
has made me forget about it.

as expected, visiting Barcelona
for the first time in a while feels good.
Not only is it warm,
the feeling of being welcomed overwhelms me.

I went for a walk in the streets.


Other european country’s are pretty cold but
here, its just chilly.
Well above this,
I thought to myself, I probably can’t live in the northern countries,
while walking the streets.

It appears that i’m more suited for the southern weather.
The sunlight is bright.
This sunlight that’s different from that of America’s
is too bright for me but i think even so, it’s a pleasant light.


It’s been awhile since I’ve been here but sincerely,
I thought that it’s really beautiful…
It has a different kind of beauty as compared to Bali.

How do i put this.
A certain warmth or
a certain heat.
While standing around at the traffic junction,
in a daze,
an hour passed.

A street that just by walking through it,
makes time pass in a flash,
is rare in the world.


Just by walking around like that,
and managing to feel that its a fulfilling day….
it’s probably a skill.

Simply walking,
simply looking at your surroundings…
Recently, I’ve forgotten about things like this.

Even though it’s an important thing, i carelessly left it behind.


While walking around, I came across the Arc de Triomphe.
It’s strange…

Even though I wasn’t planning on specially looking for it.

As i went closer,
the nearby residents were strolling around,
and children were playing.

Of course,
although it’s a tourist attraction,
the unpleasant feeling is practically nonexistent.
Maybe it’s because it blends in with the streets.

Blog-17Feb15-06 Blog-17Feb15-07


I’ve become conscious of many important things.
As expected, i really like this street.

Actually, in the past,
when I came here i saw a few people
and by chance i met them again and struck up a conversation.

“When I came here last time, I remember having seen you…”

Beginnings with those words,
countless of times we got along well and my circle of friends grew.

The people here are warm.
It’s a warmth that makes you feel good.
there are people who keep talking
despite having told them that I don’t know Spanish.
They don’t listen…
But, they’re interesting people.

This time, to a person like me,
I received a huge shock
from the hotel’s recommended Japanese Restaurant.


The concierge withheld the name if the place
but she said
“You’ll definitely like it so you should visit!”

and kept insisting with her recommendation so

“I got it… If you say it’s that good I’ll try it out…”

I said, without much conviction to go
and headed there in a taxi.

When I entered the shop,
I thought, doesn’t looking this place serves Japanese…
The atmosphere was completely not there.


Well, just because they sell Japanese cuisine
doesn’t mean that the interior has to be in the Japanese style…

As it is it looks like a great place… I thought,
while being lead to a table.

Maybe because it’s still early,
there was only one group of customers inside.


Maybe those people came in just before us.
They were still looking at the menu.

The menu that was handed to me was in Spanish
so I said to the waitress

“You can just serve me
the recommended dishes in your restaurant”

and she replied

“Do you like Tempura? Do you like eggplant?
The udon is really good so you should definitely try it!
Do you like meat? It’s quite good
so you should definitely try it!!!!”

and I told the overly-excited waitress

“I got it I got it! I’ll leave it to you…”

and he soon left after I said that.

Even if that’s the case …………………

Despite that it’s Japanese cuisine,
the shop’s waitress is pretty weird…


Those clothes…
Doesn’t it look like it’s from some other Asian country?

Like it’s out of lack of concern
or a misunderstanding of Japanese culture…
Like they didn’t really bother with it….
With those thoughts, I waited for a few minutes.

they served up a dish that they described as tempura.



With an expression that says “Is this really tempura…..?”
I looked at the dish oddly,
and the waitress asked with a concerned expression.

“Do you not like asparagus?”

That’s not the point…
This isn’t tempura
but fried prawns right?

Well, I don’t have a choice…
Maybe they got it wrong…
Maybe its the training of their staff,
or their recognition,
did the owner get the wrong idea?

Well, even if I’m bothered, I have no choice.
I quickly gave it a try.


With cheerful smile on her face
the waitress brought the next dish
with full confidence.

“This is the delicious udon!”


There’s no soup…

“What on earth is this???”

I poked around with my chopsticks.
There were various things abundantly mixed inside.

Like broccoli,
and other unidentifiable vegetables were thrown together.

“What’s with…. this restaurant???”

Is this really what the
hotel’s concierge recommended???

I really can’t believe it.
Then, I gave it a try…

“…………….. Chinese cooking………………..”

was the only description I could give to the taste.
As it was too unusual a taste,
I threw in spices to make it spicy and ate it up.

When I asked for mustard from the waitress,

“Is this enough…??
If it isn’t let me know!”

she replied with a smile.
I looked at what she placed on the table…


What on earth is this??

I gave it a taste…

“Broad bean chilli paste……………….” (Chinese seasoning)

Does this place, not serve Japanese food???
I came all the way here and began to wonder about the Eastern and
Western understanding of each other.

Do the Spanish people,
not know about the difference between Japan and China???
Subconsciously my annoyance welled up but
well, to them they probably think we’re all the same…
That can’t be helped either…

Next, the waitress came towards us.

“Sorry for the wait! Here’s the eggplant!”


What in the world …is this?????

I tasted it….

“Teriyaki chicken………………….”

The eggplant is just stacked below……..

Why on earth did the waitress call this eggplant?
Instead, if she called it teriyaki chicken wouldn’t it be more convincing!

Without thinking, I stood up.
The waitress asked again.

“What’s wrong???”

I said to the waitress,

“………… pass me a chopstick rest……….”

was all I said, and she replied with a face full of smiles

“Ah… apologies.
I forgot!!!!”

and ran off apologetically.

I guess there’s not choice…… I thought,
I have to forgive her as her smile is too bright.
And while apologising, she brought the chopstick rest…


“Could it be…………. a sauce plate…………”

The waitress came over grinning.

This isn’t a problem of the Spanish people.

Japanese have never clearly explained
exactly what Japanese cuisine is….
In other words, I recognise that it’s our fault.

“The Japanese government
should properly convey Japanese cuisine!!”
is something that we have to push to them.

They have to create a reference line
for the rest of the world to look to!

unfortunate incidents like these
will only keep happening…

Then the waitress brought the main dish over.

“Wagyu! Enjoy”

she said with confidence.


What’s with this arrangement….????
what are those decorations stuck on it???
How on earth should I be eating this raw beef?

When I asked the waitress,
she said with exceeding cheer

“Don’t you know? You grill it on the stone next to it!”

“The stone is…………. too small………………..”

This is the first time I’ve seen such a small hot stone.
I put the meat on it…..


But, instead the sauce that was on the meat
got burnt on the stone…
Am I really expected to grill all of this meat? And what are those
decorations on the meat??
I picked it up….


Looks like, “seaweed”…. I think….
Why is it arranged
in such a tragic and tattered manner?
Is there some kind of meaning to it?
Is it a symbol of Spain?? I tried the meat…

“Very normal……………….”

And, finally the kind of situation that you will never have thought of to occur
tragically occurred.


“………….. It’s not cooking…………”

Not yet…
not even considering that more than half the meat is still remaining,
I can’t even make a sound.

Am I supposed to eat it raw?

Thou shalt fear Spain!!!
Thou shalt fear Barcelona!!!

I became curious about the price of the food
and asked the waitress to bring me the menu.


In Japanese yen…
5,000yen for 1 plate…

“Someone~~~ call the cops~~~”

If it wasn’t me, I’m sure the person experiencing this will yell that out.
What an expensive restaurant!

The other dishes had unreasonable prices too.
And, there are many that they cannot translate into good dishes!

Thou shalt fear Spain!!!

I recollected myself and decided to call for dessert.


A normal Matcha icecream…
700 yen…

What, what…
On what basis were these prices brought up…?
Is this really appropriate?
I asked the waitress for her recommendation.

And she pointed

“This I guess…”

while replying with a smile.
I was involuntarily fascinated by her wonderful smile….

and I ordered the dessert.


What’s… this……
dish that looks like a dead starfish!?

Is it because I’m in a place with lots of seafood
that this shape came up?

No matter how I look it at it doesn’t look good!!!

I tried cutting it with a spoon…


No matter how I look at it,
I can’t help but think that I’m looking at a dead starfish that I cut up…

Thou shalt fear Spain!!!!!

Is it good to insult Japanese cuisine to this extent?
I gave it a taste…

“……… It’s like….. a packet jelly………. from the
convenience store……….”

In the desolation that leaves me with no other description
I have no choice but to blame myself…

GACKT… you’re pitiable…

Unexpectedly my heart got shattered by the meal,
and I was out of words for the bill that crossed 10,000 yen.

I’ll just deal with that price…
I’m GACKT anyway.

With such food,
that actually can command such a price,
what about the people living in Barcelona??

Thou shalt fear Barcelona!!!!!!!!!!!

My name is GACKT…
My motto is Mr. AMATEUR.

The world is large…
It’s strewn with things I don’t yet know about…

Damn it…
I’m still too naive…

Once more, I have to start life afresh…



My thoughts can be read
on the GACKT Blomaga,
so those who want to read all of them, check it out.

*This is an extract from the GACKT Blomaga.

(Updates thrice a month)

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Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team