Hello, this is producer Shu
Finally we can talk about the last 2 episodes!

Shuuya’s character, even if in order to save his sister Mami was seriously planning to kill Natsuki ends up saving her without a second thought, but his strength is now greatly reduced by the numerous Time travels and collapses.
So, what will Natsuki do now after hearing from him everything behind Mami’s existance?

Before episode 7 is broadcast, here! A scene from GACKT’s interview from the point of view of the cameraman.


[Speaking of Shuuya’s character, he is really the type of person unable to show his emotions. However only in episode 7 and 8..
When Shuuya for the first time suddenly reveals his true emotions, wasn’t it visible that he was such a fragile person even before this, I wonder.
In that moment, people who saw from episode 1 to 6, apart from the enjoyment, have they sensed this important point?

He said , and tonight from 11:15, come and enjoy this Shuuya that for the first time reveals his emotions!!

source: Time Spiral Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team