FUNGLR.GAMES: GACKT-sama Takes Part! Summer! TV Asahi Summer Festival! RAGE PUBG MOBILE Don-Katsu Matsuri [Extract]

On Saturday, 3 August 2019, the RAGE PUBG MOBILE Don-Katsu Matsuri was held at the TV Asahi Roppongi Hills Arena Special Stage.
Having heard about the festival, us at funglr Games simply had to join in the fun. And today, we’ll share what it was like!

This event was held with invitations to star studded guestsi Itakura Toshiyuk-san of the comedian duo Impulse, popular voice actress Uehara Akari-san, and well-known singer-songwriter GACKT-sama.
Not only were there fans of PUBG at the event, but fans of the guests were also there to heat things up.
It’s turned out to be a hot and fiery event in the burning sunshine.

The event finally starts!

Once it was time, the stage lit up and commentators OooDA-san and MrYoppy-san stepped out. With OooDa-san’s utterance of “PUBG Don-Katsu Matsuri!”, the event commenced!
OooDa-san was so overly excited that he had been using his headband since 3 hours ago.
You’ll naturally get fired up in summer, won’t you? We understand.

The 9 invitational players and professional players came onto stage. Wearing a happi coat gets them fired up enough.
Next were the guests; entertainer Itakura-san, voice actress Uehara Akari-san, and GACKT-sama.
GACKT-sama had taken off his happi coat and tied it around his waist when he appeared. This was cool too…

This time’s tournament would be a solo play where the last person standing will aim for the don-katsu. A total of 100 players made up of those who entered to play and the 9 professional players and the guests will take part.

When one wins the don-katsu, they will win these luxurious prizes. 3 gold level 3 helmets appeared on stage and the audience cheered.

Before the match began, each player took their seats and began preparing their devices.
The temperature was 33℃ on this day. There was an announcement against heat stroke. The players had cold compresses attached and had drinks prepared.
Incidentally, GACKT-sama appeared to have brought in a bottle of enzyme drink.
With this, he showed another aspect of him that was not shown on TV, unlike the statement that he only eats one meal a day.

Match start! Audience excited by the guests’ play!

The gameplay was shown on a large screen next to the stage.
Early on, Itakura-san shouted a “Damn it!” as he was killed in an eventful development.
GACKT-sama turned the tables on a disadvantageous situation and killed an opponent from under the stairs of a house. His gameplay that puts a pro to shame excited the audience.
Uehara Akari-san, too, took down two pro players and managed to successfully end ranked 7th among the 100.

The don-katsu of the first match went to player ナシュメラ (Nashumera), who defeated a pro player using the rolling terrain.
The one who took down the most number of opponents and won the Most Kill Award was player imoNari. They gave each other pats on the back for the good fight on stage.

Burning hotter and brighter! A fierce 2nd match

As if searching for strong opponents to pit themselves against, GACKT-sama and Uehara Akari-san rushed into the battlefield.
The highlight of the 2nd round was a one-on-one between these two.
Separated on the first and second floor of a building, it was psychological warfare by distinguishing footsteps.
And by a hair’s breadth, Uehara Akari-san won! Afterwhich, she gallantly raced off to the next battlefield.

I’m the one who survived! A fierce battle for victory

What was not broadcasted was the 3rd match, the exhibition match on “Sanhok” a map smaller than the first and second matches.
The crowd density of players will be high, and the player numbers will fall right from the start.
According to GACKT-sama, for Sanhok, beginners should first land in the bootcamp (a fierce battleground with lots of buildings and supplies) and absorb while being among the stronger players.
And when things get tough, it would be better to take up your stand. Such are the words of a battle-worn warrior.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA


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