GACKT’s newest MV is an official cover of Hamasaki Ayumi’s 「SEASONS」 became a hot topic right after release, with comments like “makes you cry”

GACKT’s latest music video 「SEASONS」was released right on New Year. There has been an endless chorus of voices calling for this song to be distributed as a track or made into a CD.

GACKT sang this song to commemorate the 「NesCafe Dolce Gusto」 surpassing 2 million units in cumulative sales, and is currently one special song that can only be viewed on the Nestle Japan Official YouTube Channel. 「SEASONS」, which GACKT took up the challenge of covering, was released by Hamasaki Ayumi in 2000, and sold around 1.36 million copies, it is a mega hit song that has been heard by everyone.

「GACKT」「Hamasaki Ayumi」. With regards to this song that was created due to them having known each other for a long time, Hamasaki Ayumi commented 「I was overwhelmed by Gaku-chin’s singing voice and presence, and was so astounded that I almost forgot it was my own song」. GACKT too, commented, saying 「Since it’s actually the first time I’m doing a cover of Ayu’s, I’m very happy about it. This MV depicts the slightly sad changes in a relationship between a man and a woman as time passes. Also, the 「Dolce Gusto」appears as a key item in the video. Everyone, please do look forward to it」.

The music video beautifully expresses the painful relationship between a man who dreams of becoming a movie director and a woman who dreams of becoming an actress. The boldly-arranged rock version of 「SEASONS」 along with GACKT’s singing voice, and the warmth of 「Nestle Dolce Gusto」 strikes the hearts of viewers.

Also, GACKT’s comment video and the making-of video for the much talked about 「SEASONS」 music video, is currently being shown on Nestle Dolce Gusto’s brand site, so please do check it out.

【Watch】GACKT 「SEASONS」 Music Video

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Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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