GACKT smitten by Sasaki Nozomi 「I’m nice to cute people」

On the 16th, singer GACKT (43) and actress Sasaki Nozomi (29) attended the public dubbing of the movie 「Kong: Skull Island」 (to be released on March 25) in Tokyo. They will both be providing the Japanese dub for the movie.

The movie is about an expedition team that was sent to the mythical island of Skull Island where no human has ever set foot on, and their battle against the island’s gigantic guardian Kong. GACKT will be lending his voice for the lead protagonist, while Sasaki will be voicing for the heroine in their first performance together.

Sasaki, who is attempting dubbing for the first time, had a tense expression and when she got an NG, she said 「I’m sorry. Can we do it again?」 with a wry smile. GACKT, who has already started his dubbing recording, then smiled sweetly at Sasaki, who was doing her best, and said 「Cute」.

Sasaki, who performed well while being led by her senior, said gratefully 「GACKT-san’s aura is shining. He taught me a lot of things, he’s a friendly person」. GACKT then said with a smile 「I’m nice to cute people」.

Also, until the 15th, GACKT was staying in Malaysia, where the North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un’s (33) step brother Kim Jong-nam was assassinated. When asked by the reporters about the situation in the airport and the city, he replied 「It’s normal」.


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