GACKT Greatly Praises the Movie “I’m really glad that I got the offer”― GACKT and Sasaki Nozomi at 『Kong: Skull Island』 Public Dubbing

The public dubbing for adventure epic 『Kong: Skull Island』 was held on February 16 (Thu) in Tokyo, and was attended by GACKT and Sasaki Nozomi.

On the 14th (Tue), Makabe Togi pitted himself against it during a public dubbing for this movie, and upon having his faults pointed out by the director, he described it as 「Tough」 with a wry smile. In this event, GACKT, who will be providing the Japanese dub for Tom Hiddleston’s character, the expedition leader James Conrad, and Sasaki Nozomi, who will be providing the Japanese dub of Brie Larson’s photojournalist, Mason Weaver, attended the public dubbing.

Sasaki, who will be providing dubs for a Hollywood movie for the first time with this movie, said with zeal「I’ll do my best without getting nervous」, and GACKT, who stood next to her looking calm, said with a smile「I may look like this but I’m nervous」, afterwhich the public dubbing began. On that day, GACKT, who had been recording his dub since morning, calmly went through his lines, but on the other hand, the tense Sasaki, who will be recording her dubs the next day, got a comment from the director,「You sure are nervous」. Upon seeing her like that, GACKT looked at Sasaki and said「Cute」, and the venue was wrapped up in laughter. Also, as Sasaki looked at GACKT’s dubbing, she looked impressed as she said「I was moved. His aura was so bright and sparkly」, and then she revealed「He has been teaching my since the start, I think he’s a very friendly person」, to which GACKT replied with a smile「I’m nice to cute people」.

After they finished the public dubbing, GACKT said excitedly,「(When watching this movie) it develops differently than expected. At the end I was watching it while sitting at the edge of my seat」, and looking back at it, he added「I’m really glad that I got the offer. After I finished watching it, I got excited on my own」. With regards to the challenge of dubbing, Sasaki said「I was uneasy」but she then added with admiration,「I thought that it was important to challenge myself with something new so I wanted to give it a try. It was a thrilling movie that I really couldn’t tear my eyes away from until the end」. She also commented「I think this is a movie that even women will enjoy watching」.

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts earlier said「I was inspired by Japanese culture」, and GACKT spoke of one way to enjoy the film,「There are lots of tributes to Ghibli and Japanese special effects added in. The manager who was sitting next to me and watching it with me was explaining『This is a tribute to that』」. In addition, the unique creatures that appear in this movie have become a talking point, but when asked about the most impressionable creature, Sasaki said「It’s definitely King Kong. I gradually became empathetic towards him and ended up thinking, King Kong do your best!! I think such a tough character is one that both men and women will like」.

Also, when asked about acting in Hollywood movies with this work as a starting point, GACKT said with zeal「Recently I’ve been rejecting movie offers because of my tour so I would instead like to do that maybe next year or the year after. Because there are a lot of interesting people in Hollywood, it’s definitely a challenge I would like to take up」. Sasaki too, said with a smile「It would be an honour, and if there was such a chance I would definitely like to take up the challenge」.

At the end, Sasaki made an appeal for the movie, saying「Of course, including the action scenes, the thoughts and conflicts met by the characters are also well depicted so I think the movie is one to look forward to」.

The movie is set in the mythical Skull Island that floats on the South Pacific. On the island where never-before-seen creatures live, the gigantic guardian of the island “King Kong” appears before the expedition team. King Kong will be going up against Godzilla in 2020. The expedition team, that is made up of a stellar cast that includes Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson, will be going up against the gigantic King Kong that stands over 30 meters tall and was created in a collaboration between the production team of 『Pacific Rim』and『GODZILLA』.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA