A Hint Towards 2020’s『Godzilla vs. Kong』? GACKT Surprised by After-Credits Scene

The public dubbing for the movie『Kong: Skull Island』was held on the 16th in Tokyo’s Avaco Studio, where GACKT and Sasaki Nozomi spoke of the highlights of this movie and the movie that follows.

GACKT, who has watched this movie, talked about the highlights, saying「With the image of King Kong that everyone has, you’d probably wonder from the start of the movie『When is he going to scale the building…』. It starts with the story of the birth of King Kong, and there’s a reason why in the middle it starts to progress with 2 different timelines, and creatures beyond our imaginations start to appear. I suppose it would be tough to live in such a world (laughs) 」.

Next, he revealed that it is studded with tributes to Ghibli and Japanese special effects, saying with a smile「Ghibli fans and special effects fans will probably get the feeling of『This refers to that scene!』. I think they will be able to enjoy these tributes」. He then added excitedly「After the end credits, a trailer starts playing and I think those who get it will definitely burst out laughing. Like, no way…, because it’ll develop so fully that you’ll wonder about how far ahead they’ve planned, I think those who get it will clap their hands and laugh at the end」.
Also,『Godzilla vs. Kong』has been planned for release in 2020. He reminisced,「I think after watching this movie, everyone would wonder『What will happen next』. The Japanese title reads “King Kong” but, the original title is “Kong”. In other words, how the regular “Kong” becomes a “King”, and since it then progresses to the next story… May I say that much?」. Getting deep into the content, GACKT praised the execution of this film, saying「It’s 20 to 30 times more interesting than『Jurassic Park』. Since it’s also been confirmed to be part of a series, you won’t be able to enjoy that unless you watch this. You’ll feel like you’ve been deceived, so do watch it」.

In this movie where Kong and a variety of other creatures appear in, Sasaki commented, saying「It’s King Kong after all! Initially, I thought『Isn’t it scary…』but, I gradually became empathetic towards him and ended up thinking,『King Kong do your best!』. He’s also a character that becomes adorable, and I think that his toughness would be something that both men and women like」.

『Kong: Skull Island』, which continues 2014’s『Godzilla』series that gained worldwide success, is a spectacular blockbuster, produced by both Legendary Entertainment and Warner Bros., that looks at the true “King” of nature from a new perspective. After discovering that an island, thought to only exist in legends, really does exist, an expedition team is dispatched, and they experience the wonders and dangers of an unmarked “paradise”.
Jordan Vogt-Roberts is the movie’s director, with Tom Hiddleston, known for his role as Loki in the series『Thor』, as the expedition team leader Conrad, and Brie Larson, Academy Award winner for Best Actress in the movie『Room』, as the war photojournalist Weaver. Other famous names involved are Samuel L. Jackson, and John C, Reilly. The movie has already been confirmed to be part of a series, with『Godzilla: King of Monsters』as an upcoming release for March 2019, and a confrontation with Godzilla in 2020 announced.

Source: eigaland.com

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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