Sasaki Nozomi, Nervous for Public Dubbing GACKT Follows with 「I’m nice to cute people」

On the 16th, model and actress Sasaki Nozomi (29) will be attending a public dubbing session in Tokyo for the movie 『Kong: Skull Island』(March 25). Sasaki, who will be taking on the challenge of dubbing a Hollywood movie for the first time, said 「I’m feeling extremely nervous」 with a stiff expression, and with her was GACKT(43) who will also be doing the Japanese dubs. Together, they performed a dialogue scene.

This movie is about the extraordinary experiences of a research expedition team that inflitrated Skull Island. GACKT will be lending his voice for Tom Hiddleston’s protagonist, while Sasaki will be dubbing for Brie Larson’s heroine.

Sasaki, whose nervousness was conveyed to the reporters watching, filled herself with strength, production gave her a word of encouragement saying “Relax”, and she looked like she got the flow of things. Nevertheless, she tripped over her lines and appeared embarrassed but GACKT, who appeared to be used to dubbing, mumbled ”Cute”, creating a follow up that calmed the venue.

After the dubbing ended, Sasaki expressed her gratitude 「This is the first time I’m working with GACKT-san and his aura is so bright and sparkly, that I wondered if he would even talk to me and he’s actually been talking to me since the very beginning, I’m touched by his kindness」. GACKT then replied eloquently 「I’m nice to cute people」.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA