The Captain is GACKT, announced the dubbing cast of the movie ‘King Kong: Skull Island

It has been announced that GACKT will have the main role of Conrad in the japanese dubbed version of the movie [King Kong: Skull Island] out in Japan on March 25.

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[King Kong: Skull Island] is an adventure movie that describes the story of a Survey Expeditionary Force that ventured on a misterious island called ‘Skull Island’ for territory expansion, and the fierce opposition of the Island guardian deity ‘Kong’.
In the Japanese dubbed version, GACKT will give his voice to Conrad, leader of the expedition, originally played by Tom Hiddlestone, the photographer Weaver interpreted by Brie Larson will be voiced by Sasaki Nozomi, and the New Japan Pro-Wrestler Togi Makabe will voice the soldier.

In occasion of this announcement, GACKT left a comment.

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■GACKT’s comment

「It has an unexpected development. The whole episode is a continuous surprise!
It’s 20 times more fun than the 「Jurassic」 series.
It’s not just ‘King Kong’, it’s a fight between a gigantic creature and mankind.
A movie where nature and emotions are brought to their extremes.
There are also some scenes that represent a Tribute to the Studio Ghibli animation.
Surely, it is a unique movie.
I’d like for everyone, all fans of this movie, and also to all the young people tha don’t know about King to experience it’s incredible high quality.
I really look forward to be involved in this movie through the voice of the protagonist.
Don’t miss the Japanese dubbed version!」

[King Kong: Skull Island]
Original title: 『KONG:SKULL ISLAND』
Displayed in Marunouchi Piccadilly, Shinjuku Piccadilly, and other main theater around Japan on March 25th
Actors: Tom Hiddlestone, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman,John C. Raily, etc.
Director: Jordan Vogt-Roberts

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