Yesterday, a difficult day started since morning.

Or rather, instead of it having started in the morning, it’s more like it started the previous night…

Actually, the neighbours next door started having a party for goodness knows what reason. I couldn’t sleep at all, and no matter how many times I made complaints, there was no change.

In the end, the situation continued like this till morning. Around 7 a.m., my patience snapped. I called the front desk over and over, and brought security outside the room. Even after being warned, nothing changed…

In the end, I said directly to the hotel’s top manager, 「Please choose between moving those people next door to another room, or having me go on a rampage in the room next door and beat everyone up」, when they finally made a move after my final warning, it was past 10 in the morning. I’m stunned by just how frighteningly slow the hotel responses. That night, they left a bottle of wine on my table as if to apologise…

Even as I thought “What the hell is with this hotel?”, I figured, well, I can’t change what has happened, and ended my anger training.

Then, I ended up at the final table without sleeping a wink…

Anyway, I finished the final round in 7th place.

With regards to this result, I don’t think that I made any mistake in how I played. It just can’t be helped. There will definitely be times when I lose. But I did my best to not show the regret that I feel on my face.

After that, we could only leave it to TAKUMI, and cheer him on.

Between times he would also calculate the game contents and chip amounts but, in the blink of an eye, his count dropped to 400,000.

However, halfway in he insanely chased his way back up like some kind of god.

Then, with a miraculous hand in the middle of it, TAKUMI turned the tables.

Although it was like tightrope walking, he got first place in the Asian tournament, and can truly be considered the top in Asia.

My tears wouldn’t stop from all that joy, and my own chagrin disappeared somewhere else.

There are now 4 people around me who have won tournaments like these on their own.

In other words, it means that our efforts and levels are definitely not low.

Of course, there’s still a lot that we have to learn and a lot of areas to brush up on.

Nevertheless, in this moment, he stands at the top.

I’m glad that we made it to this point, I’m really happy that this has proven that we can do anything if we try.

My victory has been postponed but, that will be one of the joys.

Well then, I’m heading to the airport now.

Anyway, in the picture we took when we were overjoyed, we look so much like kids that it’s hilarious. What a face.


Source: GACKT Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA