Broadcast Date Notice for WOWOW 「GACKT WORLD TOUR 2016 LAST VISUALIVE Saigo no Tsuki -LAST MOON- & MOON SAGA Special」

From GACKT’s「LAST VISUALIVE Saigo no Tsuki -LAST MOON-」tour, the final performance and the「Yoshitsune Hiden」stage play series’ 3 works will be broadcast all at once!

The “expressionist” GACKT, who displays his diverse activities as a musician and actor.
The「VISUALIVE」, which is a theme styled story that is a blend of music X film X performance, is one of his many projects that is critically acclaimed by professionals from all walks of life.
On WOWOW, the footage of the Saitama Super Arena performance of his nationwide tour「GACKT WORLD TOUR 2016 LAST VISUALIVE Saigo No Tsuki-LAST MOON-」, which ran from March to July, and the 3 works of the GACKT all-produced stage play series「Yoshitsune Hiden」, that ran between 2012 and 2015, and is linked to this tour, will be broadcast all in one go.
If you have watched the stage play series, it is inevitable that you will enjoy the live to its fullest. Do check all of them out, and enjoy the live.

WOWOW Live(BS-192ch)

Broadcast date/time:
Oct 21 2016 (Fri)

19:15~ GACKT / MOON SAGA -Yoshitsune Hiden-
21:30~ GACKT / MOON SAGA -Yoshitsune Hiden- Chapter II
24:00~ GACKT / MOON SAGA Extra Chapter「Yoshitsune Hot-Blooded School Story」~Chapter 2~

Oct 23 2016 (Sun)
20:00~ GACKT WORLD TOUR 2016 LAST VISUALIVE Saigo no Tsuki -LAST MOON- at Saitama Super Arena

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Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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