TV Asahi: GACKT,「Kakudzuke」was an eye-opener to “dining in the dark”

On the 9th, singer GACKT (42) attended the launch event for『SPECIAL.T In the Dark』which was held in Ryokusenji, at Tokyo’s Taito ward. It is a collaboration between Nestle’s tea brand「SPECIAL.T」, the shrine’s monthly-held「Kurayami Gohan」. It is an event where you have a meal with your sense of sight closed off, to enjoy the taste itself and new surprises. GACKT too put on an eyemask, and sampled tea and sweets. It looked as if he was in a scene from TV Asahi’s「Geinoujin Kakudzuke CHECK」. On this day, he surprised the people involved with his precise guess「It’s Gyokuro, right」as he tasted the tea. In the wake of that「Kakudzuke」, he has since previously experienced “events where diners eat in the dark” overseas. He said「I’m glad that this is being done in Japan. When eating with the light closed off, one becomes sensitive to taste. Amidst the sharpened senses, the information that comes in is interesting」. The event will be held from the 19th to the 21st in the same venue.



Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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