GACKT, in the role of General Kenshin, on August 23rd, has starred in the assault of Kawanakashima in the 90th Kenshin Festival edition. On 22nd August, at the Institute of culture of Joetsu City, GACKT has met the mayor Hideyuki Moriyama and his officials for a conference and he received a really great welcome.

GACKT said: “I think seriously that this festival will become very popular already from next year with the participation of 40 thousand or perhaps even 50 thousand people. If you want me again for next year, I will definitely participate in this festival.” .Mayor’s officials and the office’s members have also signed commemorative posters of the festival.

After the conference GACKT said : “After five years, this time I had an accident, slipping from horse during riding exercises but fortunately I didn’t hurt much. Since my leg didn’t appear to suffer any damage, I’m sure you will see a really fit Kenshin GACKT.

Looking at the past in all his appearances, he adds: “It was always a festival organized in hot weather, but this year I think the temperature was much cooler than other years. I think this is a festival that can help both adults and children to back delight to who live in Japan with no energy. I wish that next year everyone in Joetsu will partecipate, including those who haven’t decided to participate in this festival. The Kenshin Festival has really a high development potential, so it can become already a grand festival in only 6 editions. “

Regarding the pending opening of the work of the shinkansen Hokoriku’s line, he adds: “There are many people who don’t know the beauty of Joetsu, they should really come to see this festival to catch it in full. I wish, with regard to historic sites, they may have a direct contact with them, not only through documentaries on television.”


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