HAPPY SUNDAY LOVERS FAMILY! How are you all? Here’s GACKT ITALIA Staff Blog! Are you ready to check on all the news of the last week? Enjoy~

The GACKT x Nestle Game Center – Kobe Sannomiya Film Festival’s third video:

GACKT X Nestle Game Center – Kobe Sannomiya Film Festival #3

and here we have the ones we subbed for you all:

GACKT x Nestle #234 – Get Bass – February 19th – sub eng GACKT x Nestle #234 - Get Bass - 19 Febbraio - sub ita

All the Official news:

…and a Facebook update:

Some articles about GACKT’s participation at SownTown DX and the 90th Kenshin Festival papers:


TRANSLATION NATALIE.MU EXTRACT: GACKT Shows Off His “Swearing Beat-boxing” at DownTown DX – July 13th 2015



A lot of videos! Emote Life, DownTown DX and a comment about Dragon Nest:

[VIDEO] Emopa Life – SHARP CM vr 5 – July 17th 2015 [VIDEO] Emopa Life – SHARP CM vr 5 – 17 luglio 2015

Here we have the photos about DownTown DX and Origami’s stills, I think they are wonderful and I can’t wait to see this short movie…


[NEW PHOTOS] Origami Short Movie stills [NUOVE FOTO] Stills dal cortometraggio Origami

GACKT Official Youtube! Look at YOU and Sato:

[GACKT OFFICIAL YOUTUBE] Camui Holdings presents Going to Kenshin Festival with the Senpais Bus Tour Announcement Video – July 18th 2015 [GACKT OFFICIAL YOUTUBE] Video annuncio, Camui Holdings presenta Andare al Kenshin Festival con il Tour bus dei senpai – 18 Luglio 2015

That’s all for today, see you next Sunday! WE WISH YOU A WONDERFUL WEEK WITH GACKT AND GACKT ITALIA! Kisu~