GACKT’s poster Uesugi Kenshin version will be on sale starting July 1st! There will only be 2000 copies!

On august 22nd and 23rd in Joetsu city (Shigata prefecture) , the 90th Kenshin festival memorial will be helpt. The poster of the general Uesugi Kenshin, played by music artist GACKT, will be on sale starting July 1st.
GACKT took part to this fastival for 7 times, consecutively in the last 3 years.
2000 poster have been prepared and you’ll find them on sal outsite the station. They are in B1 format. In the background there’s a big moon and GACKT on his white horse while wearing one of the traditional Japanese dresses the “Kariginu”. On the poster there will aso be the name of the celebration 「The advance of Keshin GACKT」 and furthere more there will be written 「Justice lies in our hearts」.
The price of every poster will be 800¥. They will be sold also in the souvenir megastore and as tourists product in Joetsu city, (Fujinoshinden) and in the Kasugayama castle. The purchase limit is 10 posters per person. It’s also possible to buy the poster online (960¥ shipping fees not included). Part of the proceeds will be used to make this festival in Kenshin’s honor even more beautiful.

Website for the purchase↓



Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team,