Hello to all of you looking at GACKT Official LINE!
Tomorrow is finally the GACKT Guerrilla Live~

The LIVE will start broadcasting on NicoVideo from 10am!
This means that no matter if you’re at work , in school, or having a shower, you have to catch it!!
Time shift is also available, so by all means please do catch GACKT’s LIVE~
Program title:
[GACKT Guerrilla LIVE ~Secret Live Broadcast from Somewhere in Japan 2015~]
Broadcast date/time: 2 Mar (Mon) 10:00am~12:00pm (JPT)
Program page link: Press the first button on the top of this note!
Today as well, in preparation for tomorrow, NicoVideo will broadcast a GACKT Guerrilla LIVE Prior to Secret Live Broadcasted from Somewhere in Japan Special. And from 22:00 today, they will broadcast [BEST OF THE BEST I ~40TH BIRTHDAY~ 2013]!
Keep an eye out for it!

Also, we invite everyone to participate in guessing where the Guerrilla LIVE will take place!
Take part using the following methods~
We eagerly await your guesses*

-Twitter: attach a hashtag #GACKTゲリラLIVE to your guess

-Facebook: Comment on the relevant post on GACKT’s Facebook with your guess

Source: GACKT Official LINE

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team