GACKT x VARTIX x SHELLAC triple collaboration special items sale decided!

For GACKT who is celebrating the 15th anniversary of his solo debut
has been decided that from April this year a collaboration project will be announced each month consecutively.

The first item,
is pursuing the true nature and aesthetics of a [man] breaking the common sence and
with the Fashion brand [SHELLAC] and its concept of toughness and its opposite side, seduction, coexisting,
with GACKT’s daily loved leather products and wrist watch,
and also [VARTIX], the company that deals with apartment renovation,
a great number of items have been developed together with GACKT, that is really involved in this project, with a focus on clothes.

Currently, we are accepting orders for the [GACKT Calendar 2015-2016], and soon you’ll be able to see this new line up.

Although this brand has for its target men,
this time only, a special sizes item aimed at women is being developed and will be sold in limited quantities.

The calendar that will become a catalogue item, is available for pre-order until February 19th! By all means, check it out!!

○「GACKT 2015.1〜3 calendar」 site :
○VARTIX official HP:
○SHELLAC official HP:


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team