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the New Zealand shoot has begun.

I was expecting… maybe there will be sheep around…

it’s fine either way,
it’s really fine either way but.

In the year,
I came all the way here hoping to get a chance to chase sheep around.

I want to get to see at least 1 sheep.
But… today’s photo shoot location doesn’t have a single sheep.
Maybe the saying “The mention of New Zealand naturally leads to sheep!”
is similar to “The mention of Japan naturally leads to samurai!” ?

Somehow, that’s the feeling I’m getting.

we’re shooting at a hotel which costs 250,000 yen a night to stay at.
Before I got to see the place I was wondering what kind of hotel this was
but “is this really worth 250,000 yen!?”
I could hardly believe my ears.


Of course,
it’s a good hotel…
it’s appears to be a good hotel but,
even so, isn’t it too expensive…

if it’s not priced this high,
on the contrary, no one would be willing to
purposely make their way all the way to such a place…


From Auckland,
it takes about an hour by boat and car to get here.

There has to be a really good reason
to travel for an hour.

Besides, from a business point of view,
instead of having lots of cheap paying customers,
it’s more efficient to have just one high paying customer.
This way, they’ll be able to provide a much higher quality of service.


Certainly there is a kind of insistence in the furnishings.

In the present world, the “standard” has been destroyed
and is being replaced with “no-standard”.

A standard method of price setting is, simply put, non-existent.
A high level hotel is
one with an absurdly high price,
when you think that it will be a justifiable price,
only the customers who feel that the price is justified,
will think that it is a good place to visit in a pretty arrogant style,
almost like they’re in charge of the place…


Of course,
in the past it’s partly because of the exclusivity.

in this day and age the exclusivity has become mainstream.
It an era where the business picks their customers.

The lifestyle disparity has widened in recent years…
No, the world in general, is a society of disparity.

For everyone to be truly equal would be an extraordinary spectacle.
to truly acknowledge this disparity
is to be able to challenge it head on.

That is also a choice you make on your own.


It’s the same for hotels.

There’s no need to please every single customer.
Just focus on those who get your concept.

Customers who don’t even consider the hotel just because it is expensive
do not need to be dealt with.

The more business owners head towards this direction,
the more demand will be created for these businesses.

“I want to visit once…”

People who can have thoughts like that
are very rare and precious.


People who reflect these thoughts will definitely appear.
“Sell to those guys!!”

If the commitment is really there,
there are managers who can sway people with words.

Because the commitment is there,
they can clearly communicate that they understand the guys who get it (the concept).


the guys who make their way there,
it’s not only because they have the time to
but also because they have the ability, the money, and the knowledge to.

Of course,
if there are more and more people who think “I want to be like that!”,
that too
is a very meaningful thing in this era.

For a person’s aroused ambition,
a world flooded with cheap and convenient things will not do.


At a glance,
amongst the people who think that it is a waste,
if they don’t have a sense of valuing something,
in practicality,
it’s as good as the post-war apartments in Russia.

That won’t do.

“Yearn to enrich your spirit and create the yearning”
this is the most important thing above living.

There are also people who say you shouldn’t want things.
Is that really true?


Because you want something,
you put in your best effort to fulfil that want.
It becomes your driving force to move forward.

It becomes what sparks you to put in effort.

The spark can be anything.
What’s important is
whether or not you can continue to put in your best effort and progress forward.

Hence, if there is no want,
it is difficult for a human to have any motivation.


you find out your value when you do your best,
only those who have reached that point,
can remove the “want” and continue living their life.

Those who cannot continue their effort and give up halfway
will only end up holding onto that “want” for the rest of their lives.

How you want to live is, essentially, your own choice.
Yea… it’s all up to you.

Become a person who finds out their own true value.


Comparing living a life with inferiority by the decisions that others impose on you,
or trying things one by one on your own,
and live a life with incentive while making your own decisions, which do you prefer?

No matter which you choose, risks will always be present.
It’s up to you to choose.

My name is GACKT.
My motto is MR. INCENTIVE

It’s not that you cannot be afraid of failure.
Being afraid and unable to move forward is what’s not allowed.
Everyone’s afraid.
No matter which path you choose, you’ll still experience fear.
Since that’s the case, enjoy the scare and smile as you go forward.

Fill your life to the brim with such joys.
There’ll be no such thing as boredom.



My thoughts can be read
on the GACKT Blomaga,
so those who want to read all of them, check it out.

*This is an extract from the GACKT Blomaga.

(Updates thrice a month)

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