91st Camui Gakuen de Sports Fest on Snow Announcement!!

Have you readied your hearts for the coming MatomenaSai Final~?
It’ll be lonely after the Gakuen Fest ends… and so, a piece of happy news!!

The 91st Camui Gakuen de yuki-ue-tai-ikku-Sai (Sports fest on snow) has been confirmed!!
This year, there are changes to the Camui Gakuen designated Ski area!!
As expected of our Student Council President!!
Please come experience the scaled up Sports Fest on Snow.
New members from the Fukuoka Branch School may also take part.
There’s still time!!

In addition, we’re doing this too!!
SnowBoarding lessons by YOU Senpai!!!
How good can out students get?

-YOU senpai’s SnowBoarding Class-
Date/Time : 13 March 2015 (Fri) YOU Senpai’s SnowBoarding Class
14 March 2015 (Sat) Eve of Fest
15 March 2015 (Sun) Tai-Ikku Sai (Sports Fest)
Venue : Scaled Up!! 2015 Camui Gakuen Designated Ski Area

*more details will be revealed in the DM enclosed with the news reports which will be sent out on 10 Jan.
*Qualified applicants include new members of G&LOVERS who joined by 31 Dec 2014 and those who applied to join via Fukuoka Branch School or Yoshitsune School Parody.

Source: GACKT.com

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team