A serious entertaining moment for adults all produced by GACKT!! The 91st Camui♂Gakuen de Matomena sai!!
Hello hello~. This year the traditional event of the 『Camui♂Gakuen』school is back!! The theme is『school festival』!! Camui♂Gakuen de Matomena you know it’s a 『school festival』!! Respect the school rules, put on your uniform appropriately with elegance to enjoy this event at it’s fullest♪
■ Open Campus (ticket selling is open to everyone)!! 1412gackt
To make you learn more about our school, the Camui♂Gakuen, we open to the public our school during the event!「What is the Camui♂Gakuen?」you might ask!Don’t miss this chance to verify that for yourself!!!
■ What is the Camui♂Gakuen?
It’s a project that started out in 2009.「A serious entertaining moment for adults all produced by GACKT!!」It’s time for the school festival!! GACKT plays the role of the school president super rich and super powerful whom father is the president of several powerful companies (Zaibatsu Camui). Several songs will be performed including the very famous song from SEX JAPAN (Super EXcellent high school students in Japan)♪♪
The members of the school organization (GACKT job) will make you have so much fun♪ You’ll see them wearing uniforms!! Together with the show, the entire event is in “school festival” style. Therefore there are various refreshment zones and several stands where you can buy gadgets!!! There will be a lot of singers, comedians and actors as surprise guests! For more details look on the web!!
※there are some dates were surprise guests are not expected.

Fukuoka Date

Check in: 12:00 Gate opens 14:00 Starting of the Festival 15:00

It’s compulsory to wear the uniform.
※for details (http://gackt.com/page/camuiG/index.html)
※There will be dressing rooms for changing clothes.
※A wardrobe will be available (payed solution)
※It’s necessary to check your uniform before the gates open.
※We won’t accept any complain if you were unable to enter within the opening ours because of the crown. It’s advice to come with large advance.
【Uniform rugulations】
To participate in this event, it’s necessary to wear the uniform following the rules listed below.
※The participation is forbidden to those who won’t follow the rules.

《Fabrics & Materials》
Jeans, leather, silk and velvet are strictly forbidden.
●For those wearing high school uniform
it’s not compulsory to wear the tie.
※there are no limit to skirt length and width of pants.
●For those wearing the normal jacket
・It’s compulsory to wear a white, light blue, light pink or striped shirt. It’s forbidden to wear a black shirt.
・It’s compulsory to wear the tie.
(Please were a tie chosen from Camui♂Gakuen or something similar.)
・ Pants has to be one tone, checkered pants or striped pants
・ Pants must be at ankle length.
・ The skirt has to be one tone, checkered pants or striped skirt.
・ It’s forbidden to wear a dress.
●For those wearing a complete piece
・ It’s not allowed to wear a suit.
※ As long as you remove the Jacket.
※ Same applies for tailleurs.
・people wearing Kimono, Haori, Hakama, Yukata, Jinbei and Chima Chogory won’t be accepted.
・they are usually accepted any kind of hair style as long as it won’t bother other people behind you during the concert.
・ You can wear socks and collants as you wish, you can also stay without any stockings. It’s compulsory to wear shoes.
・It’s forbidden to wear the sweats choosen from Camui♂Gakuen
・It’s forbidden to wear pants below your skirt.

【Camui♂Gakuen students and not】
At the Camui♂Gakuen school we call “students” all the G&LOVERS members
※For those who are not G&LOVERS members you can’t enjoy all the privileges dedicated to members.
dates: December 28 2014 oepning:14:00/starting:15:00
place: Fukuoka Sun Palace Hotel&Hall
stalls area seats 8,000 yen
gallery seats 7,500 yen
back gallery seats 5,000yen
※For those in need of a wheelchair, please refer to BEA before the day of the event after buying the gallery tickets(8,000yen)(or please refer directly to G&LOVERS if you are member)
Age limits:
Children starting from 4 years old need a ticket to enter. For children younger than 4 years old the entrance to the event is forbidden.
※We don’t have areas reserved for children.
Ticket selling: 29th November at 10:00
Ticket Lawson 【code L:81402】・tel 0570-084-008・店頭(store)・WEB
Ticket PIA 【code P:249-454】・tel 0570-02-9999・店頭(store)・WEB
e+(e-plus) 店頭(store)・WEB
Information for G&LOVERS members:G&LOVERS tel 03-5428-8740 (working days 12~17)
Otherwise:BEA 092-712-4221

Source: Bea-net.com

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team