The last special event is really awesome so do check it out!

Starting with the first phase!!

This time TAKUMI who worked with GACKT on the soundtrack will come to the venue for a handshake and autograph event!

Conditions to participate:

You need to purchase copy of the Yoshitsune soundtrack at the venue to enter the designated area.

No. of participants:

Subjected to time available. Please understand that we cannot guarantee that everyone who joins the queue for the event will get their turn.


*the autograph will only contain his name. No special mentions or messages are allowed.

*CDs which were purchased from other places or via mail-order are not allowed.

*No filming of videos or taking of photos allowed.

*the guest is subject to change without prior notice.

*the CD can only be signed once amd each participant can only have 1 CD signed.

[Date & Venue of Handshake Event]

October 31st 2014 (Fri)


*During the sales before the evening performance

Location: Front entrance of the venue, designated space.




Good evening everyone!

Omiya Finale Special Event Phase 2!!!

It has been confirmed to be a “Handshake Event with the Actors”!

For the time and the date, and participation conditions etc,check the following details!

It is an event where even people who don’t have a ticket for the show can participate, if you have all the required conditions.

Please, take this chance to come to the performance place.

[Actors Handshake meeting]

Conditions to participate: People who spend 5,000 yen or more on MOON SAGA goods will be given a ticket to participate in the events!

Limit of possible participants: first 100 people.


* It is not allowed to take pictures or videos

* Restrain from giving presents to the actors

* There could be variation in cast members taking part to the event without previous notification

* One ticket allows one person only to participate

[Dates and time]

October 31st (Friday)

There will be 2 cast members!

(The names you’ll know the appointed day at the sales corner)

Time: After the performance ends

Venue: Front Entrance of the theatre – Special Events Space

*To participate you have to show the ticket given to you after buying the goods


Good evening everyone!

This is the Moon Saga -Secret of Yoshitsune- Stage Production Staff.

Has everyone prepared for the costume party!?

31 October’s Finale is on Halloween!

The Staff members will also be dressed up in Halloween costumes to welcome everyone!

There’s a rumor that everyone who comes in a costume will get something special so…

By all means! Look forward to the big Moon Saga Halloween Party Finale!

Source: MOON SAGA Facebook

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team