It’s you…

No, I was in the middle of a call.

Give me a moment…

Because I’ll cut the other side off…



Who called?

YOHIO called.

The troubled 18 year old.

He’s got various problems.

In Europe, he’s gotten

quite popular so he’s deciding the office,

how to do future sales and stuff like that.

But he’s an 18 year old after all.

He’s concerned about lots of things.

Though before this when he came to Tokyo

he was with me all the while.

He really acts like a kid…

I kept thinking to myself that

he’s got to mature fast.

I could tell he kept pushing himself too much.

That’s why while he’s with me,

he can drop everything and turn back into an ordinary 18 year old.


To say that he finds it reassuring to come to Japan,

I guess it’s probably similar to how I breathe a

sigh of relief when I go overseas.

Probably because he says that he wants to live in Japan for awhile.

I thought, I guess I could help him with that

because the stress that teens feel is really troublesome…

Why not give him a breather…



he’d appear to be an adorable kid.

But if someone else were around he’d act like an adult.

He’s probably kept it that way.


When he came to my staff’s home for a visit,

he was really happy.

I guess he had fun.

There aren’t many places where he can let his guard down and be carefree.

Well, I guess thats similar to me.

Recently, I, too,

have been able to spent time overseas without stress.

There are many ways to destress but.

In my case,

when I go overseas,

I’ll definitely have a look around various properties.


That’s the best destresser for me and

if there are nice homes,

there’s also the opportunity for me to live there for awhile.

A little earlier, I managed to see some really nice houses.

For the first time in awhile, I felt impressed.

The garage was fairly large,

it looked like it would fit about 8 cars.

It feels good to have one this large.


The kitchen is comparatively smaller but

well, I mostly eat out anyway.

It doesn’t bother me much.

It’s not a problem if it’s large enough to use anyway.


kitchens overseas are based on

having a dry kitchen and a wet kitchen.

For example, take the table,

there’s another one that’s for domestic helpers to help out with the cooking.


The system here is more similar to the German style so,

the appearance of everything also looks refreshing.

The designer’s an Australian so

it implies that the design would be impressively elaborate.

This dining table’s nice too.

Despite the tremendous size of the table, only 6 chairs are placed there.

Such wastefulness is luxury at it’s best.


because it’s made from one solid plank,

the sense of stability and the solid feel is in short wonderful.

The feel of it was pleasant,

and my heart started feeling shaky when

I thought it’ll probably feel great to have a meal here…

There are 3 points about this house that captured my heart.

And the third’s the wine cellar.


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