Happy happy Sunday LOVERS family! How are you all? It was a veeeeery intense and important week. The Japan Italy Bridge admins, that are the same of GACKT Italia’s, organised a meeting for SPINDLE in Milan. It was amazing, it ended safely and with a great success! We want to say a big THANK YOU to GACKT, that was as usual a super special person, he realised everyone’s dreams taking photos, selfies, talking and signing autographs, to Lina another special person we love to work with, to SPINDLE that’s always thanking us for the organisation AND THANKS TO TMP Group that made an important world in the organisation with us! Stay tuned, LOVERS family~

Aaaaaand now moving on with the Official news, LINE and Facebook translations:

Weibo translations:

He wrote a special blog, talking about the SPINDLE event in Milan, again, thank you cause you added some thing very special with your presence, GACKT. And about her disappointments, just don’t care. You’re special, you showed that even to people who didn’t know you so well. People just want to sell, and we are repeating his words: if there are journalists writing wrong and disrespectful things, it’s cause people buy certain magazines. Just stop buying them, don’t make the lie a way of making money. 

A lot of Instagram updates!

A photo from NTV Sukkiri Twitter:

Abema TV video, PokerXPoker:

A beautiful photo with Ayaka Okuno:

GACKT no SHakuhachi Bun de Ikou #13:

Dress conception at Sukkiri touch video:

That’s all for today, see you next Sunday. Again, thank you GACKT, thank you Lina, thank you SPINDLE, you always have a home here in Italy, waiting for the next~~~ WE WISH YOU A WONDERFUL WEEL WITH GACKT AND GACKT ITALIA! Stay tuned~ Kisu!