GACKT, ‘Please introduce me (to a girl)’2015-sett29-SpecialT-Sanspo

Singer GACKT (42) today, October the 29th, took part at the [Nestle Japan x Fukujuen] new product presentation, held in Tokyo
at the Happn-in in Shirokanedai.

The singer and actor Fukuyama Masaharu (46) and the actress Fukuiishi Kazue (33) announced their marriage yesterday, the 28. “It’s such a lovely thing. If there’s the chance I’d like to congratulate with them” said GACKT giving his blessing.

When asked about his own love life “I don’t have a girlfriend now. But I’d like to be introduced (to some girl)” said with a bitter smile. The new tea machine presented today is linked with the idea that ‘when we wake up early in the morning the desire to quickly taste some good tea is always frustrated’


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team