World’s First, Capsule Tea Machine Capable of Brewing Even Gyokuro 「Nestle My T.」

   Nestle Japan has collaborated with 「Kyo no Takumi Fukujuen」 to create a capsule tea machine 「My T.」 which will go 2015-sett29-SpecialT-Kadenwatch-01on sale from 15 October. The suggested retail price is at 12,800 yen (including tax).

  A tea machine specialising in the extraction of Japanese tea. Using special capsules, one can enjoy Gyokuro tea, Sencha, Houjicha and more. The capsules have chips mounted in them, giving them the feature of automatically adjusting the water temperature and brewing time based on the type of tea for brewing.

  The capsules come under the collaboration with Fukujuen named 「Kyo no Takumi Fukujuen Series」, and one may enjoy the 5 flavours of 「Gyokuro / Kabusecha / Sencha / Houjicha / Genmaicha」. Among them, the highest quality 「Gyokuro」is different from the normal green tea, and is being “covered” for an additional 20 days, which intercepts photosynthesis by sunlight, keeping amino acid in the tea leaves, creating a condensed flavour and sweetness unlike any other.

  Prices are 2,592 yen for 3 「Gyokuro」, 2,160 yen for 10 「Kabusecha」, and 756 yen for 10 of 「Genmaicha or Sencha or Houjicha」(includes tax). These will be available for purchase on the Nestle Online Shop, branches of Fukujuen in departmental stores’ 「Kyo no Takumi Salon」 and others.

  Enjoy a perfect cup around the world, even the time-consuming Gyokuro

  Nestle Japan’s Company Executive for E-Commerce Division, Gunther Spiez said the following about the collaboration with2015-sett29-SpecialT-Kadenwatch-07 Fukujuen.

 「At present, Japanese tea is a trend worldwide. We expect the market to continue growing from here on, leading to the commercialisation of the tea machine. Nestle has sold capsule coffee machines and machines for black tea as well, we have confidence in this development. However, as we did not know a lot about producing Japanese tea in capsules, we collaborated with Fukujuen for this」

  Also, with regards to the brewing of Gyokuro in particular, Gunther said 「As Gyokuro has to be brewed at a low temperature close to the human skin temperature, it is time-consuming and you won’t be able to make it deliciously without using a teapot. With that time and effort automatically set into My T. , you will be able to enjoy a perfect cup of tea anywhere in the world」.

  When the Gyokuro capsule is set into the machine, it was extracted at a temperature of around 40℃. The amount it brews in one go is approximately 4 cups (1 teapot). It should be noted that an older model that can brew black tea 「SPECIAL.T」, can be used to brew the newly launched Kabusecha, Houjicha and other capsules, but for Gyokuro capsules, they can only be used with「My T.」.

「The SPECIAL.T specialises in extracting black tea, so the temperature is set at 80℃. However, as the temperature for Gyokuro is low at around 40℃, only My T. can brew it」 says Gunther.

  Aside from this, My T. has a new control function that can change the concentration of the tea extracted. With 5 different levels to set at, you may enjoy your tea at your preferred concentration. Including My Colour settings, the two sides of the body can be turned on in 10 colours or gradients.

  The machine’s size dimensions are 161×306×266mm (width × length × height), with a weight of around 2.9kg. Power consumption is 1,430W. Water tank volume is 1.5L. A special water purification filter is included. The machine comes in 2 colours, premium red and white pearl.

  GACKT says, he wants to put on in the changing room for the world tour

  At the event venue, artiste GACKT appeared too. His thoughts after using the My T. in reality is as follows.

「The first time I used it, I thought, this is amazing. Initially I didn’t know that a chip was embedded inside the capsules, so I was surprised and kept wondering how is it that the temperature changes according to the capsules. The aroma during brewing is great too, and I got served tea that I wouldn’t have expected to be made by a machine. Since my world tour starts from next year, I’d like to put this in the changing room」

  He also carried out a comparison between Gyokuro brewed by a tea master and Gyokuro brewed by My T. .

「Gyokuro is a delicate tea where its flavour will spoil if the temperature goes above 60℃ but, the Gyokuro brewed by My T. too is delicious. As the tea culture is very deep, it can’t quite touch the authentic taste but, I’d like to tell others about this machine as well」 says GACKT.

  Experience My T.’s Gyokuro with Huge 「Tea Master Capsules」

  Aside from this, an event where you can experience My T., the 「Kyo no Takumi Garden Salon」will be held at Tokyo Midtown Garden’s Shibafu Hiroba for a limited time. It will be open from October 2nd to 3rd. Participation is free.

  The My T. Experience Space, huge 「Tea Master Capsule」, and the extraordinary experience of the 「Transparent Tearoom」 will be available. At the Tea Master Capsule, you can learn how to brew Gyokuro from the tea masters, and touch the culture and traditions of Japanese tea. You can also sample Gyokuro brewed by My T. and have it with teacakes.

  President of Fukujuen, Fukui Masaoki said 「As there are different ways to drink green tea, brewing with a teapot, drinking from a PET bottle, it can be consumed in different forms. With this time’s tea machine, I believe that the occasions when green tea is drunk will further increase. Be it on your own or with many people, I would like people to enjoy truly delicious green tea」.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team