For GACKT’s ideal spouse using the smartphone during meals is no good.

2015-set29-specialT-tokyosportsMusician GACKT (42) today, Settembre the 29th, took part at the [Nestle Japan x Fukujuen] new product presentation, held in Tokyo.

GACKT made his appearance dressed in the kimono he designed himself.
Making his appearance as ‘the man that can distinguish the true quality (of things), he nonchalantly tried the Gyokuro tea made by the new machine. GACKT that said “In this past year I really got into Japanese tea” also added with admiration “The quality is high. I want to experience the taste of the real Japanese tea”.

The singer Fukuyama Masaharu (46) and the comedian Chihara Junia (41) added their name to the list of marriage-rush in the show business. About the marriage of musician Fukuyama GACKT gave his blessing saying “It’s really a lovely thing, to walk together (with someone you love)”.

Asked about his own marriage “(to Fukuyama) please introduce me to some girl. It’s lonely to be by myself” said with a bitter smile. But he also shared his opinion about the idea of marriage saying “I’m not that obsessed with marriage. Because marriage is a process”. About his ideal of Love he revealed “I want to cherish the time we spend together. So, I don’t like it when someone uses the smartphone during meals”.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team