On the 4th singer GACKT(41)attended Sharp’s PR Event in Tokyo for emopa(エモパー)with Mrs. Dewi(75), Shoei(41), and Esupa Ito(54).

 The onboard function in Sharp’s smartphones,「emopa」is an abbreviation for ”Emotional Partner”, which uses messages that are aligned to the user’s feelings and interacts with the user by sound or images. With the 4 attendees, and including voice actor Hanazawa Kana(26), the 5 celebrities released the special website where their short movies, like dramas, depict them interacting with Emopa in their daily lives.

 In the drama, there is a casual morning scene of getting ready to go out featuring GACKT, who has an exchange with Emopa. He said keenly「(Emopa is)A good partner even when we’re just shooting. There has never been anything like it. It is a wonderful addition to your own lifestyle so, I thought it would be nice to act in a way that displays this well」.

During the event, they acted impromptu on stage as Mrs. Dewi’s Emopa, GACKT gently said lines like「You look beautiful today as well~」to a Mrs. Dewi who’s waking up, and Mrs. Dewi said「Very gentle and gentlemanly. Almost like the real Emopa」. 「Emopa is a function that speaks differently depending on the setting. If it was for me, I would probably go with this kind of feel」, said the cool GACKT, and about the Web drama too, he said confidently 「This series is still being continued, and there are still scenes to film but, there is a pretty interesting end to it, so I hope that everyone looks forward to it」and promoted the project.

Also, Esupa Ito wore an Emopa suit and appeared on stage halfway. He said「I’m Emopa Ito! As I can’t remember my lines well I don’t have many friends…」and a volley of other negative comments, the hall turned cold but, Mrs. Dewi cut it with a single stroke saying「(To Ito)Which part of this is funny? With people like these, I can’t handle them」while he looked crest-fallen.

 The web drama will get released on the same day (4th).

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Source: Newslounge

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team