GACKT OFFICIAL BLOG: I, who am confined by a convenient world

GACKT Official Blog update. Translation below:

I’ve come back to KL.
That said, I’m departing for Singapore the next day though.

The weather’s nice.
The sunlight is strong but this warmth heals the body.
My body condition was about to go bad so this is perfect timing.

I went around to the garage to have a look.
I sat in the Lamborghini for the first time in awhile and it feels comfortable.
This one, which had come back after getting the gearbox changed,
as in a good condition, similar to that of a new car.

That said,
I happened to meet another friend at the airport again,
and we promised to meet together tonight.
I get the feeling that it’s going to be lively with lots of people will be gathered.

The world is getting smaller.
And the number of Japanese visiting KL is increasing rapidly.
I get the feeling that the number of Japanese here will be increasing steadily.
Well, it’s only natural since this is a good country.

I was terribly pressed for time during this past month but
before I left Japan, I celebrated the birthdays of a few friends.
We got together after work ended and
everyone looked energetic, so that was good.

Maybe I got weaker with alcohol,
but I couldn’t keep up with everyone’s pace.
If I don’t drink once in awhile, I’ll really get weaker.
Come to think of it,
often it’s only during my birthday that I drink such an amount of alcohol every year… Thinking about it, even I’m amazed.

For actor Ayano Go’s one-day-belated birthday,
tequila was lined up as usual
but I wonder how many cups we drank by the end of it.
Go is really strong.
I don’t want to speak of silly things like who wins or loses at drinking
or who’s stronger but
when I drink with Go, all the alcohol in an establishment will run out.
It’s the extremity of fear and delight.

I met martial artist Akiyama-kun for the first time in awhile too.
Recently, we’ve been passing each other by and could barely meet but
through the arrangement of our other friends, we got to have a meal together
and unfortunately, since his work was to start exceptionally early the next day,
he could not stay until the very end but
we managed to spend some exciting times together.

Time spent with friends are really precious.
Thinking that you can meet anytime you want is nothing more that your own luxury.
No one will ever know when you won’t be able to meet any more.

Of course,
the endeavour of those who make lots of friends is wonderful but
above that, it can be said that the existence of people who can wholeheartedly cherish the few friends around them are much more precious.

We’re still not completely used to this world that has developed SNS.
While exploring around in an imperfect state,
things will inevitably flow to effective and convenient methods.

Maybe there’s no need to go against the flow of the world
but there are many things that make me feel the loneliness in people.

We’ve gained the ability to easily contact other people
and through that we even end up feeling that it’s as if we’ve really met up.
Even if there’s someone with you,
you’ll be staring at your own phones without a care for the others around you,
and end up building your own world.

In the past,
when you meet with friends, you’ll wring out more interesting stories.
It’s like the role of each of the people gathered there.

The one who speaks well,
the one who listens well,
the one whose laugh is loud and gets things exciting,
the one who has a wonderful smile and calms the place down just by being there,
the one who absentmindedly mutters something with a straight face.

You made a circle with your friends.
It was something you created.

Now, even if people gather,
in general, everyone has their heads down as they fiddle with their phones.
I, too, am similarly fiddling with my phone.
When I’m with friends, I get chased by work
and in the end, it spoils the meaning of my time spent with friends.

The world has become convenient,
we’ve become able to work at anytime,
and in the end,
even I end up doing things
that ruins precious times.

I regret it…

Before leaving Japan,
I came to commemorate an old friend’s birthday.
It’s still cold outside but
I was able to be touched by warm smiles.
I was also able to touch new life.

The niece of that friend of mine
who I first met more than 20 years ago at Hibiya Public Hall
has also become a mother and brought new life.

this has been a thought-provoking week.

I’ll do my best with a smile.
To never forget the precious things.

Source: GACKT Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA


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