Shed your past self with the GACKT-supervised [REVODY]

Starting October 5, 2020, the HMB supplement REVODY by BLOOMEN Inc. (BLOOMEN below) will be available on Amazon.


REVODY was developed to provide you with the GACKT-style of body sculpting. Created under the supervision of GACKT, this product contains the maximum amount of HMB and EAA, which are nutrients recognized by the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

EAA + HMB 2000mg
HMB works to inhibit the breakdown of muscle protein and helps increase muscle mass through exercise while EAA is an essential amino ingredient which is said to be absorbed more than twice as fast as protein. REVODY provides 2,000 mg of these two components in seven tablets a day.

Ingredients used by top athletes
HMB and EAA are known to be favorites of many athletes in Japan and abroad. In addition, HMB is safe because it is naturally present in the body, and everyone from the elderly to top athletes can consume it and experience its benefits.

Fully supervised by GACKT
“I want a body as beautiful as GACKT’s”
The catalyst for the development of this project was a passionate message from GACKT fans. Following this, REVODY was created under the full supervision of GACKT.

I hope REVODY will help you with your goals
At one time or another, a man would think, “I want to be popular with women” or, “I want to improve my self-confidence.” This is why many people exercise to “change themselves by doing strength training and dieting”. However, in order to change your shape in a short period of time, you must combine efficient exercise and nutrition management. REVODY is here to help you with your body sculpting.

Leave the hassle of managing your diet to REVODY!
Nutrition and diet management are often thought of as “tedious and painful”. It takes a lot of work to drink protein that you don’t like the taste of, or limit your diet to a low-calorie one. With REVODY, you can get the nutrients you need in a snap when you need them. By streamlining your food management time, you’ll be able to focus on that exercise, which will lead to faster results.

【Company information】
Company name: BLOOMEN Inc.
Location: Yebisu Garden Place Tower 18F, 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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