GACKT Official news update. Translation below:

The exclusively 1vs1 poker app 『POKER×POKER』 has finally been released.

This is a smartphone game application that allows you to easily play the globally played game, “Texas Hold’em Poker”, at any time.

As this is exclusively 1vs1, each game duration will be short, allowing you to enjoy it without reservations.

GACKT, who possesses abilities on par with Japan’s top poker players, is also playing in this app.

Through 『POKER×POKER』, you will be able to take on GACKT and players from all over the world in poker.

Furthermore, there are plans to hold daily poker tournaments where players can compete for valuable “Chips” that can be used in-game.

Also, the app comes with a “Verification mode” that lets you to see your opponent’s hand after the play ends so that you will be able to understand your opponent’s play strategy, thus giving beginners the opportunity to improve in poker too.

There are also plans to hold physical events and stream tournaments on YouTube LIVE in future, along with plans to hold a Grand Tournament in July.


Official site:

Supported OS: Android/iOS (Android 5.0 and up/iOS 8.0 and up)

Price: Free

Download: iOS version

Android version


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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