Digital Distribution of GACKT’s new song, which became a hot topic for it’s “Blindfolded and tied to a Chair” jacket Cover, has started

Previously, the 「blindfolded and tied to a chair」 jacket of GACKT’s new single 『Tsumi no Keisho ~ORIGINAL SIN~』, which will be released on March 22, was featured by many media outlets. Finally, one month ahead before the CD’s release on February 22, it has been released digitally.

The message of this song is “regardless of the kind of life you’re living, you should never run away”. It means that even if it’s impossible to for one to continue living as a beautiful human being, one should not avert one’s eyes from their own sins and retributions, accept reality, and continue living life without lying to oneself.

It is available on iTunes, Recochoku, Dwango, and more. Special offerings are also found on Dwango (

≪Release information≫
New Single
『Tsumi no Keisho ~ORIGINAL SIN~』
To be released on March 22, 2017

【First press limited edition】CD+DVD
XQMQ-91001 / ¥1,800 (w/o tax)
【Normal edition】CD
XQMQ-1010 / ¥1,200 (w/o tax)

1. Tsumi no Keisho ~ORIGINAL SIN~
2. Tsumi no Keisho ~ORIGINAL SIN~ (Orchestra Ver.)
3. Tsumi no Keisho ~ORIGINAL SIN~ (-Instrumental-)
<DVD> ※Only for first press limited editions


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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