GACKT says about dining in darkness…… It is regretful that Japan doesn’t have this culture.

On the 9th, artiste GACKT attended the Nestle×Kurayami Gohan presents「SPECIAL.T In the Dark」 which was held in Tokyo. It is one with the impression of a special experience.

At the event, one tastes tea and food while blindfolded, enhancing the sense of smell and taste, to enjoy the taste itself. GACKT, who is proficient in tasting tea and food without his sense of sight, looked like he was enjoying the event as he commented「This is fragrant」,「It feels good.」. Talking about being able to see, he put his thoughts of this special experience into words, saying「Whether to say I’m thankful, or say I’m moved by it, or say it should be revisited, it’s fun」.

With regards to tasting food and tea in the dark, he touched on it, saying「I think for regular people they don’t get a chance to experience this though」. For GACKT himself, in these few years, he has experienced it with the countries of the world being the stage of his planned program. He delivered his message, saying「I’ve come to enjoy having meals in the darkness. As Japan has yet to have such a culture, by all means, I hope that you’d come and have a taste of it」.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA