As you well know, GACKT will be in ROME at the end of November for the Yasoukai. It’s a G&LOVERS members only meeting were non members can’t attend, but we at GACKT ITALIA decided to give him the support he deserves anyway.

We are organizing a fan meeting for all the people that want to give all their love and support to GACKT and of course we would want to meet all of you to spend a week end all together sharing the love we have for this amazing artist.

We will communicate the exact time and place of the meeting soon, both on our website and social media, so stay tuned!

28/29th November 2015

Transportation info:

  • Train:

Roma Termini is the main railway station in Rome. Termini is situated in the center and is well served by public transportation such as bus and taxi. The “Leonardo Express” service offers a direct connection to the ‘Rome Fiumicino Airport.
Rome Trastevere Station, is located at junction the point between Rome Fiumicino Airport with the Roma-Viterbo, also with subway presence.
Roma Tuscolana railway station.
Roma Ostiense.
Roma San Pietro railway station.
For more information: http://www.trenitalia.it

  • Plane

The Leonardo da Vinci, also known as Fiumicino Airport, is the main airport. It is located thirty kilometers southwest of the center of Rome. All scheduled flights and most domestic flights arrive in Fiumicino.
– There are several ways to reach the center of Rome from ‘Fiumicino Airport. Train  transportation, taxi or car renting are available.
A train service connects the airport with Termini, the main train station of the city. The journey takes about 30 minutes (or two hours if drivers are on strike “slow”). Trains depart from Fiumicino every half hour between 7:50 and 5.22 (in the opposite direction trains leave from Termini from 6:54 to 21:22). Once at the airport, follow the Parking and/or Station signs to the train station. Buy your ticket at the station (open from 7 to 21 from Monday to Friday) or at ATMs.
– Another train leaves Fiumicino every thirty minutes with the destination station Tiburtina. It takes 40 minutes and stops at stations Trastevere, Ostiense and Tuscolana before reaching its destination. The first train leaves at 6:55 and the last at 22.55.
– At night there is a bus service. Buy a ticket from the vending machine. Buses leave every hour and arrive at Tiburtina station. It ‘also possible to take a taxi, but the ride into the city center is very expensive. Make use of an official taxi and always check that the meter is reset when you get in the car. The journey from Fiumicino should last only 30 minutes, but during peak hours can be up to two hours.
– Another alternative is to rent a car in one of the Car. In both airports major car rental are available. But driving to Rome may sound very complicated, especially in the center.
From the arrivals area of ​​the ‘Leonardo da Vinci airport you need to head towards the Train station following the signs of the FS. Every 30 minutes a train from the airport to Termini Station is available. You can purchase a ticket (cost about 10€) in tobacco shops adjacent to the tracks. You can also take a taxi at a cost of about 45 euros.
– It is also possible to use a shuttle bus service every 30 minutes.

Rome’s second airport is Ciampino. This airport serves mostly charter flights. Ciampino is seventeen kilometers south of Rome. From 7 to 23, a bus (tickets sold at newsstands) that connects Ciampino with the metro station Anagnina is available. Anagni is located on the metro line A, which passes through Termini station.
From Rome Ciampino Airport you need to go in the square in the front where the is a bus service is situated, linking the Airport with the subway. From there, you must take the underground to Termini Station. As above, it is possible to take a taxi at a cost of about 40 euros.

For more information:

  • By Car

To get to Rome by car or motorbike, you must reach the GRA (GRA), the ring road around Rome by one of the following highways: the A1 from the north, from the south A1 or A2, the AA west ‘A12, the A24 east from the GRA (GRA) is a very busy, especially during rush hours and weekend evenings (when people come back from the weekend out of town), can become very boring with traffic jams that can even reach several kilometers in length. It has 30 outputs leading to the city and its suburbs. To reach the center of Rome, follow the signs “Roma Centro” outputs Aurelia (North) or Appia (South).
Do not forget the Green Card International and car documents. To travel on the highway must pay a toll.
Avoid traveling to Rome by car or motorbike. Try to plan visits that can be made by walking. If you’re brave enough, you can rent a scooter and venturing out into the traffic of one of the most chaotic cities in the world.

Coming from Florence A1 motorway. Motorway towards Rome, exit at ‘Roma Nord’ and get on the ring road; then follow the direction Napoli-Tiburtina or Roma-Aquila and take exit number 13 (Tiburtina in the direction of the old town).

Coming from Naples, A2. Exit the highway towards the ring road (direction Firenze-Tiburtina) and take exit number 13 (Tiburtina, direction historical center); follow it to the end.

For more information: http: //www.autostrade.it


At the moment a meeting with GACKT is not in the schedule. We only know he’s around the city with his LOVERS so it might be possible to “bump” into him, but we can’t promise anything.

For more infos please contact us at info@gacktitalia.com