How’s everyone? Since I’m back in Japan, I’ll try answering
everyone’s tweets for the first time in awhile…

(Retweet @FUMIL7040: I want to rub GACKT-san’s boobs♡) I come and
have a look for the first time in awhile, and suddenly let someone rub my
boobs, wouldn’t that make me a weirdo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Retweet @1LOVE_0612: Uwaaah!It’s Magnum!) Hey, address people
properly with their names!With their names!!!

(Retweet @0a8y1k1: GACKT-san! It’s been awhile! My bra size went up
lol ) Why are you telling me?

(Retweet @himakikun: Heeeyyー Tweet!Tweet!Come and tweet meーーーーー!!!!)
My PC has completely slowed down…

(Retweet @syo60521234: What are you doing recently?Don’t you think
you’ve left us alone for too long!) Hey hey, please speak nicely. If you
keep talking like that, I’ll leave you alone!

(Retweet @k_honda10: I want to go to GACKT-san’s live.) I’ll be doing
the LAST VISUALIVE from early next year right?Come and watch it. Make sure
you do. Have you gotten your tickets? Hurry! Well, though I’m supposed to
go and support the Student Council President tomorrow…

(Retweet @shuna_gl: Ah, your icon is still being left as the Guwashi…
LOL (*´艸`) ) I see… I realise Nakata* (meaning he “didn’t realise” but
wrong words were used)*. I mean… I didn’t realise. I’ll change it when
this ends… Sorry…

(Retweet @atydhy: Please rest well today for tomorrow~ (^^) ) I’m
only watching tomorrow, so I’m going drinking with Geun Suk. I’m only
cheering tomorrow, yes.

(Retweet @younyan_DEARS: GACKT-san, please give me your
underpants) Hey, if the first thing you ask of anyone, is for
their『underpants』 what d’you think will happen?You’ll get arrested??

Well then, let’s get to it. Today’s trending topic!!!! Everyone
let’s do it together. 「Realise Nakata・・・」 Let’s go!!!

Do your best〜〜!!!

By the way, this, is me today…


(Retweet @Kyo_Gack: GACKT-san!Will you never do the Guwashi
again??|x・`)チラッ ) As I’ll never again do it as long as I’m alive, feel free
to give me the Guwashi when I die and put me in the coffin like that.
Guwa-death of the Guwashi *(A pun where “shi” from “Guwashi” in Hiragana
sounds like “death” in Japanese)*

(Retweet @yutigig4868: I wanna be~~~~ Gakkun’s~~~ nippleー~~!Ahahaha
aha!Ahahaha aha!) What kind of wish… is that?? Well then, I’ll be your
right nipple!That makes us equal right??

(Retweet @gackt_mie_nfc: I love Gakkun’s guwashi? I wanted to pet
it lol) Is that so, sorry… Well then, this will be my apology…


(Retweet @st_929: Gakkun is going to appear on Music Station with
hyde-san!?) Hyde? Mm, probably… Oh yeah, yesterday, I mentioned it when
we were training together… Probably, we’ll appear. Together.

(Retweet @gackt_mie_nfc: I’m having a ladies’ gathering but… Will
you stop appearing out of nowhere suddenly?) Is that so, sorry. Well then,
I’ll head over now so tell me the location.

(Retweet @X_back_ : Has GACKT-sama quit being human? ) No no, I’ll
turn back to my normal self… Only when the moon is out. Incidentally I
don’t have eyebrows

(Retweet @ngnl_snow: Aren’t your nipples dark?) Nope, those aren’t
nipples, but the keyholes to my heart. You need 2 keys. Keys
called『love』and『courage』. Those in possession of them by all means, come
and visit.

Well then, it’s about time for me to go〜. I wonder when’s the next
time that I can reply everyone’s tweets… Maybe I’ll upload a video, next
time… Well… Everyone, use your smiles to add grace into this rotten
Japan, and convey your honest thoughts to the stupid politicians. Is it
really alright for Japan to stay like that?

See ya.

Source: GACKT Official Twitter

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team