GACKT tried for the first time the espresso coffee machine, and he seems to enjoy it!

On September the 15th, took place in Tokyo the inauguration of the coffee shop “NesCafe Dolce Gusto, the drink of the future”

This event was organised to show the new design of Nestle Japan.
The new product it the new capsule system to make coffee called “NesCafe Dolce Gusto”
The mean features are the original design, a touch screen pad able to dose the quantity based on your touch.
Inserting the disposable capsule the result is the desired hot drink with a great aroma among normal coffee/ cappuccino/cocoa/ Latte macchiato.
The average price is of 13.704 yes, tax included, and starting September the 15th it’ll be on sale into the biggest electronic stores of the country.
The event ‘Coffee from the future’ allows you to experience something out of the ordinary for a limited period of time, or better, trying the new amazing “NesCafe Dolce Gusto,the drink of the future”, in the Harajuku coffee shop, Tokyo.
In this coffee shop for a limited period of time it’ll be available an innovative coffee prepared with many new aromas, and it’ll also be possible to meet robot waiters, (completely automatic), and together with the many features provided with the projection mapping, it’ll be possible to talk with the fantastic little robot with an incredible emotional awareness called Pepper.
After the presentation of this new product line-up of Nestle Japan, and its machine for making coffee in limited edition, appeared the special guest of the event, the singer GACKT.
GACKT, first customer of this special coffee shop, had the occasion to have a close look to the drones at work, their features, the tests made in the planning phase and also tried the coffee produced by the innovative machine. Moreover, he met the amazing little robot Pepper, and had a brief conversation with him.
GACKT said that until 5 years ago he wouldn’t drink coffee at all and also said: “When I was in france, they often said that those who drink coffee are cooler. SO I practiced every day to grow accustomed to its taste.”
But, he also said that now he has completely fallen in love with the aroma of coffee, so much that he prepares it himself. Drinking the coffee made by the new innovative machine he said: “It’s delicious. I can still feel its aroma even after drinking it. I think it’s even better of the one I prepare myself”.
After expressing the qualities of the coffee he said it as an ‘Original’ taste, discussing about the results.
Furthermore,the “NesCafe Dolce Gusto, coffee from the future”, will be open to sales only from 16th to 23rd, September (Except for September the 19th, when the store will be closed because of a general meeting).
You’ll be able to taste the ‘Coffee from the future’ from 11 to 18 and from 18 to 21.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team