The firm conviction to live as GACKT


GACKT, celebrated his 15th anniversary of solo debut, will sell the new album GACKTRACKSULTRA DJ ReMIX-to give a new look to the music. The brand Panther, starting from DJ KOO, he did change the depth and variety of the original songs from the most famous DJ in Japan. It is made sure to recreate the GACKT’s world view through the sounds, the project also supported by GACKT himself.

The truth about the meeting with the Japanese DJ

-『GACKTRACKS-ULTRA DJ ReMIX-』 It is an innovative collection of GACKT and DJs. The reasons that push you to do that?


GACKT : In truth I wanted to start work on the LAST VISUALIVE」, but the recording has suffered small delays.

―― The project of the LAST VISUALIVEis the last special tour that runs through all the different GACKT’s most important stages made so far around the world: stages, movies, live of album MOON PROJECT“. Right?

GACKT : Right. In order to complete my last job, they have talked about wanting to do the project GACKTRACKS」; I must say that at first I wasn’t enthusiastic. Because I always thought that my voice would never approached to the remix. Well, because I thought it would be interesting to its distribution, I also tried to understand how I should do in order to start the offer, I began to spread the word among the DJs and many of them have told me that they want to do it. Beyond the number of songs, a lot of people approached to the idea! If there was another work, and other people want to participate, I decided to work on another project like this without blinking.

――What were the requests made to the DJs for this project?

GACKT: I was asked several times but no, I did absolutely no request. If I had told them You must do it this particular way」, I would end up to restrict their vision of the world, right? That’s why I made sure that the DJs could choose texts and songs by themselves. So I just asked that everyone of them put  there a part of their identity. If they had used only my voice, surely it couldn’t have been create that same atmosphere, maybe it was better that way… Doing the project, following the point of view of the DJs and putting myself in competition with them, it won’t make sure that I get less success. Once heard the finished work, I realized that it wasn’t a mistake  let  my original voice, since it couldn’t do without it.

―― But, since you have always done everything by yourself, have to leave the work to others” has it been a challenge for you?

GACKT: When I do a project, it must be well done, I’ll go ahead relentlessly using all the time available. But I always end to extend the delivery date (ahahah). But, listening to the final project, honestly, the first word that came out from my mouth was wow“. Listening carefully to the song, and going close to the speakers, there are times when you can hear my voice! It seems to be seated and enjoy music with speakers! If you listen it for a long time, then you can feel its beauty. When I’m working at home, I got hear it, over time I was seized with a shiver that made me say: Hey, but this track is amazing!」 My music is as if it had driven this cold wind . I have been really happy.

――Obviously listening to the remix, you have been able to hear again the beauty and simplicity of the original songs.


GACKT : Well yes! Listening GACKTRACKSULTRA DJ ReMIX- I became interested, if there are any people interested in listening even the original version, I am surprised to hear them! I would be really happy if you could do the same! I think it is something that also the DJs felt!  The DJ culture, at first, could make you feel these feelings magnificently, and now I’m finally able to do feel them in the world. I am delighted that the level has become so high!

Now everything has become easier, but before it was always a fight (Ahahah)

――What were the fundamentals that you were allowed to choose the last 14 DJ, since many of them occurred in the hearings?

GACKT : First come, first served

――Ah, really?


GACKT: I didn’t choose! I didn’t say things like Since there are other people, for this time it’s okay」. For this reason I chose first comers. I hope that for the next times people thar arrive late will come again.

――Among the 14 members were DJ KOO, Mark Panther, Rocketman (Ryo Fukawa), and many other well known names. Has there been any change from the initial choice?

GACKT: Although this has often led me to make mistakes, no, I don’t change anyone. I took only the signatures, then if I had the chance to meet them, I said things like How long, how are you?」, You know, not very friendly. Since it isn’t an album made for interpersonal relationships I didn’t think that they worked hard , but since they did it I was very happy and surprised. You could say that me and DJs are as KARATE and Judo, completely different, right? On my point of view, this difference doesn’t exist, but however they never meet each other. Also into Live, since I never had the need of DJs, never had any intention to change them, in other words you could say that I haven’t many musician friends

――Why they aren’t many??

GACKT: Uhm.. why … (ahahah)

――You don’t want to talk about this?

GACKT: Right, it isn’t very nice to me, even though it’s a speech related to music. Everyone have their opinion on this, here are those who are against it and those who are in favor, I wouldn’t talk about it now while I’m drinking some sake. If I did, I wouldn’t get refutations, then what would be the result? To begin a discussion related to the theory of music, ever since I was little, when I was doing something I found relief in telling my friends You did this wrong!」. Very often they were considered erroneous, so I could never bind with anyone. Honestly, if there is someone of those among you, it’s useless to continue the story. These are talks of people who can’t sell anything. Speeches like 「Music is…」. To that people, when they say 「That’s it GACKT」, I would say 「Uhm, I think it’s ok, since I like it」(ahahah). So saying so, I can to silence people. Since I’ve been in the music business and this is moving more and more to the top, I have to say that I have created this personality……like a difence against virus and foreign bodies……(ahahah)

――In the end, wouldn’t you be humiliated?

GACKT: Noo, I think that people who believe I am a difficult person are many, right? Everyone knows that I am also very strong. I became a firm and strong person, but I must say that in the past I was a person who got angry very easilyTo avoid this I tended to not get very close to the people (ahahah). I have several friends in politics, with the directors of companies or other prominent people for a long time. For this reason many children often ask me if that is my job. Well I think it’s a way totally different  from mine, right? (hahaha)

――Well then, this time you approached with other talented musicians, for you it was something exceptional, right?

GACKT: Well I havn’t met them yet. A few moments ago I met for the first time, for a very short time, DJ KOO in the dressing room.

An era in which it is hard for musicians to the extinction

――Among these things perhaps, if it failed to convince, what would happen?

GACKT: If in the end it proves to be unsuccessful, I would close the distribution of the album. Because it’s not something I’m doing for myself and DJ, but I’m doing it for all the people who listen to me. If it’s a product that doesn’t satisfy anyone for its quality, no one would take it. In case it were to get out anyway, certainly it won’t have my name. I think that the DJs understand this, the music wasn’t made just to sell? To the need to sell their albums, the music ended up being unsuccessful. Nowadays, unfortunately, we’re noticing this phenomenon more and more.

――GACKT year you celebrate your 15th year as a solo artist. In 15 years there have been also struggles for business, right?

GACKT: Exactly. I always thought of have to make a line of sales but I never did it. For this whenever I need them, I tend to turn over the question. To become more attractive, I was told to sing to the karaoke, but since I hate this thing I decided to move in the solo direction. Because I have just to sing when my fanc can listen to me? The business would have finish in 3 or 4 years, but since the rock is a life style, the more I do and the more I want to do. For this, I‘m not going to end this way of life in 3 or 4 years, but I won’t even be checked by someone. This is the belief that I have done so far, in 15 years as GACKT.

―― Thanks to your prowess and methodology you have been able to build yourself a unique position

GACKT: But lately, the world news are starting to cross articles with titles like 「Why GACKT, even if he can’t sell  CDs, he can make that life?After I saw it, I quickly realized that the person who wrote it must have a very low level of comprehension. The life of a musician isn’t just selling CDs. In order to improve the sale of the CDs, go do things, shake hands anywhere, it’s only IDOL’s thing. CDs’ release is collapsed by the time iTunes  has developed, artists the continue to sell only CDs, for sure they will have to overcome difficult times until they get to the extinction. Since I understood this thing, I decided to create a musician life style, to be able to live better. So I would say to people in the world, that perhaps they haven’t yet realized that the real profit isn’t only to concerts or live, but it’s something else

If I hadn’t been born in the rock, I shouldn’t have been GACKT (ahahah)


――What do you think was the reason that led you to such a big success and to get your own style, GACKT?

GACKT: Since everyone thinks in a certain way, I must say that I don’t have a precise idea of how  GACKT achieves this success. But I must say that in my life basically I’m having a lot of money. I always manage to be successful from what I prefix, and although sometimes I meet obstacles, people always make me think that for them GACKT is always ok.  GACKT’s world, more than music, is to feel  his identity. This doesn’t mean that he must replace it, absolutely. For this reason, whenever I found some difficulty I have never made use of GACKT’s way. Actually this identity has spawned another result, ie to show that I can make a profit from other things. These are the reasons why until now I have decided to continue to have the style of GACKT.

――GACKT, your style has become highly sought after. Even your fans go crazy for it! You know that yesterday your experience in the Parisian cafe of racial discrimination was mentioned. There have been comments from all over the world, therefore, what is your opinion about this phenomenon?

GACKT: I’m not interestered in of what is good and what doesn’t fit my mild weather in the world, and as they  considered me. I live according to my criteria, in 50 or 100 years when people will look back at last, and they will understand what they did to entertain this guy, it will surely be a good thing. As for myself, I never thought that I had made a mistake. But I didn’t say that it is 100% safe.

―― To get it right you need to believe it, and it is correct to appreciate diversity. Um, what do you mean?

GACKT: Right. As for me, I think to never fall in error, you have to be firmly convinced of something. I do not think we should live by comparing us to the different values of the world. In fact, it would be selfish. Honestly, I think that whoever it is, it feels very strong. Maybe the media have attacked me because I am a pretty weak? But anyway, well done. I wonder, if I wrong in the past, why  they haven’t made me disappear? (Hahaha) In addition, if you can’t point the finger at the other musicians on what could you do? If I were forced to live like everyone else in a kind of prison, locked behind a lock, for sure I would stop being a musician, it’s not rock! This brings me back to times gone by, when in the question What is rock? , I tended to answerIt’s me, the rock! .. Right isn’t it?

――You are so cool! (ahahah)

GACKT:  I shouldn’t be GACKT if I don’t live into Rock. From now on, I’m willing to get into the worldwide field of vision, so I’m not living in Japan currently. So when I look at Japan from the outside, you can still see the damage received by the period of isolation. Also, you try to escape from that country at every possibility. Isn’t this a sad thing? I hate clichés about Japanese, like the fact that we are very proud. I thought about going abroad, first as Japanese because of this, but now, I moved away from my country. In all cases it isn’t a simple situation. If I had to be in Japan, for sure I wouldn’t be able to earn. But I chose a way perhaps too hard for me, but after all this is my way of life.

――You should go through a path of thorns. But, for your 20th or 30th anniversary, how will become GACKT? I wish I knew it!

GACKT: I’m working hard on it! I’m really working hard eh!(ahahah)




Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team