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Queries on Ticketing

Ticket pia :
Contact for questions on event : Disc Garage 050-5533-0888

Things to Note When Attending The Event

-regardless of which ticket category you have, please gather at the 27th floor only from 21:00.
However, for priority admission into the main venue, pursuant to the stipulated admission time,
entry will be in this sequence: No. – • (no.) -> A-• (no.) -> B-• (no.)

– for those who are holding tickets starting with B-• (no.),
you will proceed into the main stage from 23:00 onwards.

-Please do not come to the venue before the stipulated time. Please take note that there will be identity checks as well.

– Regarding the venue’s region, standing near the door
is strictly prohibited by the Tokyo Government.
Please refrain from waiting for the performers’ entrance and departure.

Regarding identification documents

-this event strictly does not allow minors (below 20 years of age).
To confirm your age, there will be identity checks while entering the venue, so please bring along your photo identification documents.
Please take note that you will be denied entry if you fail to present your documents. In addition, in such instances, there will be no refunds for tickets.

With regards to attire

– ripped jeans, sandals, and shorts are strictly not allowed.
– please refrain from wearing clothes that will be of disturbance to other customers.
– in addition, there will not be cloakrooms available for use, so please refrain from cosplay or changing your clothes at the venue.

With regards to belongings

– as it will be a disturbance to others, please refrain from bringing bulky belongings.
– if you have belongings with you, please make use of the lockers at the station or the venue.
– please keep your valuables with you.

Regards to re-entry and outside food/drinks

– re-entry into the venue and outside food and drinks are not allowed.

Regards to buying drinks in the venue

– please take note that while entering the venue you will get a drink ticket for 1000 yen which can be exchanged for any drink.

Regards to smoking in the venue

– with the exception of designated smoking areas, smoking is prohibited in the venue.
Please take note that you will be fined for smoking outside of the designated area.

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Performance Line Up will be announced on at the venue on the day itself! Look forward to it!!


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team