On July the 4th, for one night only will take place the long awaited BIRTHDAY PARTY.

The goods sold at the venue also offer an unusual line up just like last year’s

◆Venue exclusive goods 「Memorial plate」
This is a limited article capable of reservation only those attending the event.
The whole picture used (for the plate) is a special design for this event only and comes with 2 version, the Kimono one and Western clothes

◆Of particular interest the 「art wall clock」!!
2 type of this art-wall will be prepared the vertical ver. (Kimono version), Horizontal ver. (Western clothes).
Assembling the movement and the needle, you be able to post the clock on the wall.
If you wish for a picture frame it will be decorated in the best painting style for an article of the finest quality

For the first time there will be also a 「Coaster」 characterized by a vivid flyer.
Let’s collect them all like trading cards.
If the one called 「Success」 comes out, you’ll receive a first class microfiber towel, or a second class coaster holder (coaster are limited)!!!

And more, in the Japanese kimono style there are also exquisite folding fan and teacup.
Please enjoy this line-up at the BIRTHDAY PARTY deciding what suits you the most among 「handkerchief」or 「mug cup」 and many more things.

Also, for people that won’t be able to come to the venue,
mail-order will be available!
This time there’ll be a special start on July the 3rd, the day before the event from 12:00.
Please, don’t miss this chance!!

For details go to the link below!


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team