5 June (Fri), in Kobe Sannomiya which is hosting the Kobe Sannomiya Film Festival, in MINT Kobe, director Motohiro Katsuyuki took hold of the megaphone and announced the production of blockbuster「Dance, Cry, Feel, Ad Meeting (About) Season2」, at the same time talks between Motohiro Katsuyuki and GACKT unfolded.

The Kobe Sannomiya Film Festival focuses on works by Japan’s local famous directors’ independent films on「Nescafe on YouTube」. This year it will be held on 5th (Fri) and 6th (Sat) June.「Dance, Cry, Feel, Ad Meeting (about)」is a short movie where director Motohiro of「Bayside Shakedown」serves as a general director.

The earlier work starred Renbutsu Misako, Yamada Yuki, and Masu Takeshi, and drew attention for vividly portraying the production site of the advertising industry. It grew popular on「Nescafe on YouTube」with the extensive use of text, and a speedily expanding story.

This time, Nestle Japan’s CEO Takaoka Hiroshi announced the production. In addition, director Motohiro went for a talk session with GACKT. CEO Takaoka said「The response was unexpectedly big」and looking back to the previous work「Actually I am the one who drew director Motohiro and GACKT together」he confessed.

「As a marketer, while discussing with GACKT about work he mentioned he wanted to try something new, and I offered him a casting spot without deciding on the content. This is unusual. Because it’s these two people, we can definitely create something amazing」he said, expressing his hopes.

Also, director Motohiro said ambitiously「I would like to feature people who are in the industry now. I aim to create works that can draw empathy with the characters. I want to do things that you can’t achieve with just any drama. The behind-the-scenes of an advertising agency is universal. I made it with the awareness that people from all around the world will watch it」.

GACKT said about his present feelings「I’m very excited. Because I know that this will definitely be an interesting creation. How it will be completed, will be interesting to watch」with enthusiasm about his involvement. In addition, about the delivery via YouTube「People around the world can watch it. I think there are still many people who have not stepped into it but, if you don’t focus here, you won’t be able to start connecting with the world. This can become a type of opportunity」He expressed his expectations, and added a message to his fans「I promise that it will become even more interesting with me involved. Do look forward to it.」.

「Dance, Cry, Feel, Ad Meeting (about) Season2」is scheduled to start around September. As to how the finished work will turn out, we can’t wait to find out.【Kansai Walker】

Source: News Walker

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team