On 2 March 2015, in the morning sunshine that made the previous days’ heavy rain seem like a dream, joyous voices rang out from Jonan Ryoso High School in Kyoto. Just as the graduation ceremony was coming to an end, as the best possible farewell gift from the Principal, Hiroyasu Kimura, a sudden surprise live was staged by GACKT.

Aside from Principal Kimura, only 2~3 other teachers knew of the event, and the plan was carried out with utmost secrecy, that many teachers and parents could not hide their surprise, and were equally as delighted as the graduating students.

In 2006, while GACKT was holding an MC session on a radio program, a message he received from a male high school student started the tradition. Subsequently, with the thought of “being the encouragement for youths to go forth”, it has become a part of GACKT’s lifework and it is the 9th time a “Graduation Ceremony Live” has been held.

This year, Kyoto’s Jonan Ryoso High School was selected when it was brought to his attention that Principal Kimura, who kept running with the motto of “nurturing benevolent people”, was going to retire after this term. Not only students, but the principal as well, will be “graduating”, so with the intention to send them flowers, he decided to go to Kyoto for the guerrilla live.

On this day, while looking intently at the graduating students and the figure of the principal kindly gazing on, GACKT said, “With these emotions that have welled up subconsciously, I’ll hold them and sing”. Despite the chivalrous figure of Principal Kimura, it felt like he was cheered on and inspired on the contrary.

Next year will be the 10th Graduation Ceremony Live held by GACKT since it has begun. We look forward to his future activities.

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Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team