What? It’s only you?

Why did I say ‘What’? you ask

It’s so cold here and yet I have to hold the phone with my hands and I don’t want to talk.
I thought it was a phone call about work or something like that…

You say that now is warm?

You are talking about Tokyo right?
Now I’m in Hungary, that’s why.


Here is unreasonably cold

Now? What time is it? — you ask…

It’s noon. 1 pm.
I’m out having a tea.

It was so cold so I entered a cafè
Here is really unreasonably cold.


But yesterday was unbelievably warm.
It seems like the temperature changed considerably in one day.

Really give me a break.

It’s cold and yet I can’t even go snowboarding, for me this place is hell…
If it’s only this cold, you’ll end up feeling depressed.

I think I can understand why people who live in cold countries don’t smile a lot.
Me too, since I came to this country my smiles disappeared…

My face froze…

I usually don’t smile a lot.. you say…

Shut up.
Or my smiles will reduce even more.

But even so, it was really a lovely city
To the point that I was surprised.

Around Europe,
these might be considered the streets I like the most.
hn〜、、、 maybe not?
Or maybe these might be the considered the streets that gave me the best feeling in Europe… I wonder.


But whether I say I like it or not,
this coldness is really no go.

Since even in the evening here the atmophere is good
I thought about going out to see the night view but,
because of the coldness i couldn’t go out for a walk.

I didn’t feel like it.
On the other hand when there’s snow it feels warmer。

The road up to here
was very clean too.


I only went back and forth on minor roads away from the many streets and yet、
What can I say…
It felt really good.

If it wasn’t for this coldness it would have been even better though


Streets were crowded with people more then one would expect.
I wonder if they are tourists…

They didn’t look like it very much but,
they didn’t look like local people either…

A good feeling flows through this street
Also the facade of the buildings gave me a really good feeling too.


Here and there,
I was often brought to say [oh〜] *with surprise*

My voice came out without thinking.
And even when I entered the shops,
There were several times when I was like ‘What is this???’
There was also this thing, in which I was the most interested in .
What do you think it was?

Must be training equipment.. you say…

Ehi you, I’ll hung up!…
It’s not that.

What are you saying.


I was referring to chess, Chess!
It’s because I like Chess.
But, chessboard I had never seen before were placed there.
They were hexagonal.

At first, I thought that thay could have been boards made for a special game or something like that..
and I stood there to observe it for a while, but
at that point since a shop attendant approached me
I asked “what is this”
and they told me it was a board for 3 people.

I was really impressed by this.
Also because this chessboard are entirely handmade.

Well、Since this is something made for tourists usage
all were foldable items
honestly, I didn’t think about buying one …

But at that point,
Since there were also those made in stones *precious stones I guess*
I thought I might buy one and make them send it to me.

The things sold there were really simple too.
Also since the streets were not influenced much by modernization, the feeling of old days was all around there.

Only by walking down those streets I felt good.

Eh? What?
If there were gyms and such.. you ask..

Of course.
I went there, in a gym I found along the way.


I was rather surprised.
By the body of people that went there.

Everyone had a really build up body.
There were pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger
hanged all over the walls.

If this is because in Hungary they like his movies?.. you say…

Really you, what are you saying.
Schwarzenegger is,
an incredibly famous Austrian Bodybuilder!


You didn’t know?
Give me a break…

He was Mr. Olympus though,
5 years consecutively, right… to be selected all those times
it’s really an incredible thing.

After that,
Arnold was scouted,
And was able to make his debut as an actor.
and although at that time he could not speak English at all, and I hear he had some troubles because of that,
It’s really incredible that he made it to the mayor position.


Even now, in the movie industry of course,
and also by people doing this type of training.
he is highly respectet

As for my body,
By walking in this gym I think I’m 2 times thinner (than this people)
Of course,
I don’t want to have that gorilla-looking muscular body, so
keeping myself in a in well-proportioned balance
what I’m aiming for is
[A body that can be efficient, a body that can move fast]

there were also great women,
but even if they were very pretty,
their body was too sharp *too trained*

That was no good.

It has been so long since I was impressed like this.
Since it was this great,
When I talked about this kind of things with people in the training line in Japan
“I found those guys on Instagram!”
Everyone were very excited about it.

Source: OH!! MY!! GACKT!!

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team