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Dear my G-LOVERS
Even as i say
Merry Christmas…
It’s already the 26th.
2am on the 26th.

This year’s Christmas was
spent at he snowboard shop on my street
“b’s east”.

Just for me,
the shop’s representative Baba-san
opened it in the middle of the night
and waited for me.


This year’s gear will all
be “renewed” tonight and made ready for the snowy mountains.

while I had a meal with Baba-san
he said with confidence
“Shall we take your measurements
and custom make our shop’s DEELUXE boots for you?

We’re the best in Japan for this”.
With that, he took my feet’s measurements,
and I came to get the DEELUXE Boots made.

2014-dic27-blog02 2014-dic27-blog03

Of course before that,
I had my DEELUXE Boots made at another shop.

However, thinking about the boots that were made back then,
honestly i can say that i am far from satisfied.


However, when they started getting down to it,
I was genuinely impressed
with how carefully they worked.

Using the attention to detail that the 17 year veteran, Senior Manager Takemura-san puts in,
I can happily say “hats off to them”.
“You’ll really be surprised with the finishes product.”


With that one sentence, he made me feel excited.
In fact, when we arrived at the shop on this street it was already 11pm,
and we stayed far beyond that.

The other staff of the shop also waited for us.
With pleasant smiles.

In the shop,
There were lots of gear lined up.
Even in terms of gear, this sho,s FLOW gear are the best in Japan, and in fact sell very well.
Limited edition boards were also made in collaboration with YONEX,
I can see why this shop is loved by snowboarders.

For me,
the kicker is the main to the season,
more than the free-run and the half-pipe,
when you say that the kicker is your main emphasis,
you can get better recommendations for your board and boots
and binding as a whole.


Before, YONEX’s boards were typically hard
but over the years, its been changing.
There was also the push from the YONEX site,
so I decided on this current board.

Every year, i try out different boards but,
I wont know exactly how suitable the board is for me
so i’ll tell you about that another time.

Back to making the boots,
it was an enriching experience
from the detailed work for the shape of my feet,
to the examination of my feet while taking note of my various previous injuries.


Previously because the foot shape was not done well,
and created a vacuum state around my feet,
I was really moved by the extend of these current guys’ work.

2014-dic27-blog08 2014-dic27-blog09

In any case,
It definitely took a lot of time.
This isn’t efficient,
and honestly talking about the profit margin,
its not workable.

having done things like that all the way,
for 17 years
I guess you could say it’s somewhat amazing.


Not only do pro-boarders
like this shop
but many celebrities do too.
It is a big concern to the people here
to be able to make it right with just the first time.

Typically, the normal way for shops,
is to find ways to increase profit margin as much as possible,
that’s standard.


With their schedules full,
there are lots of people waiting in line.
Like a mountain, everything is stacked on their shelves,
You get a sense that their trustworthy by looking at the number of ordered custom boots.
By the time the boots were done,
it’s around 2am.


From there,
I tried on a ton of jackets,
and looked for one to wear next year.
Mount Susumu awaits.


I thought that it would be a lonely Christmas but,
surrounded by great smiles,
It became a special Christmas that
I have to thank
the owner Baba-san,
Senior Manager Takemura-san,
and the staff of the shop from the bottom of my heart.

dawn should be breaking soon.
Today’s the classical concert.
I feel like i can belt out great songs.

My heart feels refreshed.
My name is GACKT
My motto is Mr. WINTER SKY
My heart is in the winter sky.

Later, hours later,
I’ll deliver to you the best songs ever.



My thoughts can be read
on the GACKT Blomaga,
so those who want to read all of them, check it out.

*This is an extract from the GACKT Blomaga.
(Updates thrice a month)

source: GACKT Official Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team