[LIVE REPORT] GACKT and Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra’s moment of splendour

The special collaboration live between GACKT and Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, “An Evening of Classical Splendour” took place on 26 December.

The peformance was split into 2 parts. The first was the orchestral performance conducted by Kurita Hirofumi. The first half began with the theme of Yoshitsune Hiden, the play which was being performed from March 2014 earlier, followed by GACKT’s debut song Mizerable and his newest single DAY BREAKERS -Akatsukizukuyo-, creating a fitting lineup for the final performance of 2014 during which GACKT celebrates his 15th year of going solo.

The second half is built on GACKT fan favourites, with 5 songs, including Love Letter which was popularised by the CM in which he was marrying co-star Yonekura Ryoko.

Despite that 25,000yen is expensive for a ticket, the event’s tickets were sold out, and commenting on the 2014 event being in response to the critically acclaimed 2013 event, GACKT said “Being able to meet everyone here like this, and with the thought of doing this again next year, I’ll sing this song.” and entered into the final song “12 Gatsu no Love Song” in the midst of rousing applause.

Aside from the Stage Play “Moon Saga Special Chapter -Hot Blooded School Life-” which will be held on the 8th January 2014 at Nakano Sun Plaza Hall, GACKT’s greatest life work is in the plans for summer 2015.


Source: Barks.jp

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team