What’s up?? It’s still pretty early.

It’s night here・・・ you say.

Ah〜,that’s not what I meant.
I am now
at Frankfurt.

Yea、that’s right.
In the airport.


Now? Having tea.
There’s a VIP lounge but,
the atmosphere somehow wasn’t that great so
I came to the cafe outside.

There’s no one as well,
even though this area is so wide.


This place is huge.
But even though there many people
you probably won’t get the impression that it’s crowded…

It’s a beautiful airport.

What am I doing in Germany?・・・you ask.

No, I didn’t come to Germany.
I went to Poland.

So, now I’m spending a few hours here in the airport in transit.


I’m in a place called Krakow but
this is quite the plane.
I laughed at the smallness of it.

I started from Warsaw
and came to Krakow from there.
Well I got invited to watch a game so I’m travelling here.

Honestly Warsaw’s roads
are not as developed
as what one would expect
so I was kind of shocked…

I was expecting a little more
thinking that it would be a place that was more energetic but…


When I arrived at the airport at night,
I thought,
this looks pretty savage, and completely unlike what I imagined…


I stayed at the HILTON HOTEL but…
there wasn’t even a bellhop to move my lugguage
and the staff at the front desk had horrible attitudes.

Honestly it was a real disappointment…
If at HILTON it’s already this bad
the others should be…


Then, since I had time
I thought of going outside to wander around for a bit
and went to the area where the clubs should be but
I got disappointed there too.

Hm, if it goes on like that
there will probably be nothing else that can disappoint me any more…


As it is,
I went to the nearby bar
drank a little then headed back.

I had a whole day to myself the next day so
I went for a walk in the streets.

Because this is the hometown of Chopin、
I thought of visiting Chopin for awhile later.

That was the only thing I enjoyed.
Then, I heard that there was a church along that street
so I decided to take a peek.


It was a really out of the blue but
it’s a spiritual place
that appears to be the culmination of the heart of Europe.

I was moved by this.


For a bit
I stood there stunned.

I somehow just came into the place but
apparently its a church with the holy cross、
this exceptionally moved me.



Then, I heard that there’s a place
where Chopin lived at while he was still alive
so we headed there for a look.


The outdoors is seriously cold.
My skin felt pierced by the unreasonable coldness.
Well, it’s understandable why so few people are coming out.

Honestly, I can’t bring myself to like this street’s atmosphere.
This is something I merely heard of but,
it appears that 97% of Warsaw’s streets were hit by air strikes,
and after that,
all of the buildings
basically like housing and such
were mainly build under the influence of the Soviet Union.

After the war, all of the historical Polish influences were wiped out.


After walking for a bit, there was a university nearby
called the University of Warsaw.

It’s kind of like Japan’s Todai (University of Tokyo) but
it’s a little too savage.


In there is the place where Chopin resided…

I couldn’t ask around because there were just too few people out.
In other words,
I ended up going in there for a look.


By some freak coincidence,
I happened to speak to a Japanese Language teacher
to ask for directions
about where Chopin lived.


Right now,
it’s being used as a part of the school but
realising that this place was where Chopin resided,
my heart shivered.

After all,
he’s the person who sparked the interest in playing the piano in me.
He’s no longer around but without him,
I may not even be singing the songs I sing.


To be able to get close to the memory of Chopin
is the main reason for my visit to Warsaw.

In any case,
it made the super cold walk through the city worth it.


After that,
I walked a little more
and entered a shopping mall but
there wasn’t anything that caught my attention.

The next day,


I had to travel from Warsaw
to Krakow.

Because of the kind of impression
that the first city , Warsaw, left on me
my expectations got significantly lowered to almost nothing.


Krakow is the third city.
Well, I flew over without expecting much.


So, I arrived in a flash.

something strange that struck me was,
during the flight
I got the thought that
「Eh? The flow of the air is kinda weird・・・」.

Source: OH!! MY!! GACKT!! Blomaga

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team